When The Cycling Advocacy Community Cannot Be Trusted To Drive…

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Sadly you really cannot make this sort of stuff up. The story is ironic on so very many levels:

  • Divvy Van Crashed In Chicago

    Divvy Van Crashed In Chicago

    Why is are relocation vehicles for a Bike Share company motorized vehicles? Should not these folks be forced to cart their bikes around town using cargo bikes adapted for the purpose? Just sayin’.

  • Can it possibly be more comical that a driver for Divvy has managed to crash two of their vans?

Is it time for the Urban Cycling Community to admit that when it comes to pointing the finger at motorists that it should be the last in line to do so?

Utterly pathetic. But you probably won’t find any of the details about this sort of thing on any of the s0-called streets related blogs. They probably have a policy to omit anything that might not further the Urban Cycling Community’s narrative. You certainly won’t find any of the so-called cycling advocacy groups putting the spotlight on this sort of thing.

Your Bike Safety Dollars At Work!

Your Bike Safety Dollars At Work!