Hovenring at night


Infrastructure must be really special to appeal to a wide audience. The spectacular Hovenring floating bicycle roundabout is one example of such an extremely exceptional piece of infrastructure. I usually write about reallocating road spaceand cycle path surfaces and even though I mix it every now and then with people cycling, I understand this blog is for a niche audience. But the first post about the Hovenring was picked up by blogs and sites all over the internet, because it is incredibly beautiful to many more people.

The Eindhoven Hovenring floating roundabout at night.

The Eindhoven Hovenring floating roundabout at night.

I meant to show you the ring at night, because I knew it is spectacularly lit, but I don’t get to Eindhoven at night very often and I postponed the night visit time after time. So when Dave Warnock wrote on Twitter that he would be visiting the Hovenring one night, or rather an hour later, I only needed two minutes to grab the camera and leave the house. I knew it would be dark soon after and I’d be able to finally film the Hovenring lights.

Dave told me he was on a reconnaissance mission, investigating if the route would be safe enough for his family to use the following day. I was completely surprised that anyone would do such a thing. Because, as Dave found out too, that is absolutely unnecessary in the Netherlands. This speaks volumes about the completely different situation for cycling in the UK vs. The Netherlands. What is normal in one country, to see or do, is completely unheard of in the other and that works both ways. But since Dave’s mission was accomplished he didn’t stay until it was getting dark. A pity, because just minutes after he left the lights were turned on and already in the last light it was a spectacular sight!

Video of the Hovenring in Eindhoven by night

The video speaks for itself. I filmed it in about one hour from dusk to real darkness. The Hovenring at night is of a breathtaking beauty. However, there is an important ‘but’ that Dave explains well in his post: “Yes the Hovenring is awesome. But it only works because everything connects to it. You can get to it from any direction using routes that will feel safe and that you won’t have to plan/reconnoitre in advance.”  

For more background information and videos of the Hovenring in daylight you can see my earlier post. The designers of the Hovenring also published a new video recently that has images from above! Giving an even better view of the ring. And Hovenring has its own website!