IPP 50th Anniversary Celebration



‘Shandy’ and her owner.

The day began with a stop for coffee at the local Starbucks and then a ride along the IPP to Warrenville where there was a gathering just west of the Library in town. Equestrians and cyclists alike were assembled in the field listening to a few long-winded remarks. At around 9:45 the group of cyclists hit the trails for some additional long-winded remarks at several more stops.

We took to Wiesbrook Road and beat the group back to Volunteer Bridge and Park where there was a group passing out ice cold water and brochures. Got to talk at length with one of the participants who it turns out is also a ChainLink Forum member. He is associated with the  SpinDoctor store to the north of us.

Evidently he has heard about the GoPro Hero 3 and wants to use one as a means of documenting collisions with autmobiles during his morning commute. Frankly that is far more effort than I would suggest that anyone take on a regular basis. A 15-minute movie uploaded to some video archives takes nearly 3 hours or more. So unless you have no job and plenty of time…

And if you are planning to try and recharge your GoPro Hero 3 using your SON dynamo hub you had certainly better be riding for the better part of a day. Given the fact that trying to recharge the batteries on that camera take about 30 to 45 minutes using a wall outlet I would think that on a bike that would stretch into an hour or more. Whew!

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 14.2 miles
Time: 2h 02m 15s