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Tweed Ride: “The Ripley Road to London & Cambridge” (Wis.) Sun. Oct. 6, 2013
Posted by Wrongway Pete on September 19, 2013 at 4:42am

Our 4th Annual RURAL RAMBLE, “THE RIPLEY ROAD TO LONDON & CAMBRIDGE” (WISCONSIN), is scheduled for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 at LAKE MILLS, WISCONSIN. The ride starts at 10 a.m.

All details may be found at the ride’s website,

Lake Mills, Wis. is off I-94 (exit 259), 30 minutes east of Madison, 50 minutes west of Milwaukee, and a couple of hours NW of Chicago.

This 30-mile leisurely (10 – 12 mph) “club run” down the Ripley Road is a genuinely rural ramble and promises crisp Autumn weather, lots of lovely scenery, and fine fellowship awheel.

We start the morning with complimentary coffee, tea and fresh-baked scones, and a hearty round of “God Save the Queen. Luncheon is in Cambridge at the cafe-bike shop, CamRock Cafe & Sport, recently featured in The Wall Street Journal.… Camrock offers great coffee and food and more than 100 craft beers.
So, if you’ve got the Sunday free, please pull that trusty British steed out of the shed for a wonderful day along the path.
Thanks, and Cheerio!
“Wrongway” Pete

Reply by Mike Bullis 5.5-6.5 miles 21 hours ago
Damn. Going to have to miss this one, Pete.

Reply by David P. 19 hours ago
Sounds lovely and I just might be in Madison that weekend anyway.

Reply by Wrongway Pete 19 hours ago
Hope to see you there, David. I’ll order some more scones. And, please, feel free to spread the word to all you know. We’d love to get a great turnout! Wrongway.

Reply by globalguy 12 hours ago
Dudic, did you put this in the calendar? If you need help, let me know!

Reply by Drewbacca 11 hours ago
Sounds like fun… until I look at that awful webpage and all of the rules.
Really, I should only bring a replacement horse of British origin? I should only wear period correct clothing? Please… you should be so lucky that I even bother to show up with my tweed coat and steel replacement horse (circa 2002 Waterloo, WI) if you are going to have so many rules. There is too much emphasis on correctness and too little on fun.

Reply by Wrongway Pete 11 hours ago
Well, Drewbacca, I find it curious that you’ve never attended the ride — which is tremendously fun — and proffer such stinging criticism. The “rules” which you so critically site are, if you haven’t noticed, couched very much in tongue-in-cheek British formalism. While it would be nice to see everyone with a British steed, I know that is not possible. And so, in fact, we have had all manner of machines come to the event, from mountain bikes to recumbants, all openly accepted, and this year there will be an electric bicycle present to accommodate a person with limited mobility. My goal is for everyone attending to have a good time, and to “spread the Gospel” of British bicycles and British cycling culture. Perhaps if somebody shows up with a mountain bike one year, they’ll get inspired to buy a British steed in the future. In point of fact, this has actually happened because of the ride.
The “awful” webpage,, is provided at my own expense and for the benefit of riders. Breakfast is provided gratis, and I often award prizes and certificates.
I really do suggest, Drewbacca, that you actually try something offered in good cheer before you bombard the giver. It is people like you who make me sometimes wonder, “Is it all worth it?” As I’ve said in e-mail announcements, it is more the spirit and the frame of mind of the rider which count, rather than what hardware they bring. Your statement that I “should be so lucky” if you attend is arrogant and rude on its face and tells me you are not a kindly and blithe spirit who approaches life with an open mind.
I will be most happy to not see you there.

Reply by Lisa Curcio 6.5 mi 10 hours ago
WW–thanks for doing it. I don’t know if I can make it up, but I like it. And I suggest that a lot of folks ought to have a look at the Happy Thread today!

Reply by Wrongway Pete 10 hours ago
Yes, GG — I did manage to put it on the calendar. Thanks for your kind offer of assistance.

Reply by Alan Lloyd 10 hours ago
Really? I’ve ridden it twice before and it IS fun and NOT as dire as you fear! I feel you would have been more than welcome, but that was before you flamed it?

Reply by Drewbacca 8 hours ago
Just pointing out how the site comes across… (take it or leave it?). I’m glad to hear that I misinterpreted your meaning. My point is simply this, your site came across to me the same way that I just came across to you.
No need to find it curious I haven’t attended the ride in the past, this is only my second fall living in IL. I’ve attended other, similar rides, without being so put off by the event page.
I’ll admit that I could have been less crabby and more constructive. Regardless, I’m glad that you put these things together and I’d never put down any excuse to get together and ride bikes. Keep in mind that you don’t know me, I’m not here to flame, and I was seriously put off by the site’s content.
*edit to add* also, for what it’s worth, I apologize for my initial tone… I wasn’t trying to come across as mean spirited or insulting. I also hope that I would still be welcome to join the ride and apologize in person, if I’m able to make it.

Reply by notoriousDUG 4 hours ago
But yet putting down an event to ride bikes is exactly what you did…

Goodbye Chainlink
Posted by Michael J Blane 6.5 on September 18, 2013 at 4:39pm

You have a great thing here with the Chainlink.
I hope the few don’t end up ruining it for the many.
It doesn’t take very long in any of the forum threads before …
I was going to go into a long explanation but it’s just not worth it.
Thanks Julie, it’s been (mostly) fun.