Grand Victoria Toodle 9-14-2013


Snowy Egret Hunting for Food

Snowy Egret Hunting for Food


It has probably been a decade since we rode the Elgin Spur of the Illinois Prairie Path. Today we did the spur up to the Grand Victoria Casino and back. Did not stop to gamble only to grab a bite to eat. Then it was back on the bikes and gravel dust eating for a round trip of about 35 miles. Lots of trail riders were out today. Quite a few dog walkers as well.

It was cool in the shade on the way up so I rolled down my sleeves and tried to keep warmer. By noon time it was growing warmer and the trail was a dusty in places as I remembered. At the Stearns Road Roundabout we took the  IPP trail back to Wayne and then home. The Easy Racers Taiwanese bikes perform quite well on the crushed limestone. I guess despite the narrower tire profile the stiffer rims force the tires to cushion the ride and that makes a huge difference when the surface is uneven.

Plenty of improvements have been made to the trail since our last ride. We seldom rode crushed limestone before getting these bikes are our first encountered with the Easy Racers Gold Rush Replicas. Those bikes really don’t deserved the ripe mess that gravel makes of the drive traim, so that explains why we have not been on this spur in such a long time.

Back home we parked the bikes and went for some iced tea to wash the dust from our throats. I kinda miss that portion of the trail. Hope to ride it again before the snow flies.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 35.7 miles
Time: 4h 40m 31s