ChainLinkers Issue Death Threats

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Evidently the ChainLink Forum has a few folks that just really don’t get it. You are supposed to be ignoring me, hoping that I will go away. The very last thing you want to do is create and keep adding to a thread about me. Use your better judgment. You have this notion that not mentioning the name of John Kass and not linking to his work helps to drive down his ‘hit count‘. You should be using that strategy on me. Don’t link to my site if you can help it and please develop as thick a skin as you claim is needed to exist on the ChainLink Forum when you get slammed outside of your virtual Comfort Zone.

So to that end Andrew Bedno decided to churn the waters again:

Reply by Andrew Bedno 2 hours ago
Wow, just ran across myself berated on his site about the Idaho stop, with content copied from TCL. Refers to me as “the kind of kid I would expect to get D’s and F’s in Science classes” though I am adult and brilliant. Dude is a world class prick, self-hating, hyper delusional, and as bad for cyclists as J.Kass. I look forward to his untimely, hopefully brutal, demise.

I’ll take that as a ‘death threat‘ and respond accordingly.

Reply by James BlackHeron 2 hours ago
That beezlebop guy is a real piece of work. He’s still on this site under a variety of sock-puppet accounts.

Five points for each account I have that is squirreled away and being used to needle you.

Reply by Tricolor 1 hour ago
Really? How can you sift through his stuff to find personal remarks?

Evidently Andrew must spend a goodly amount of time either using our search function or Google. But the question is why would he spend time on an irrelevant ‘world class prick‘? Wouldn’t you just give him the John Kass Treatment?

Reply by Tom Dworzanski 1 hour ago
You guys used to get pretty dramatic around here before I joined.

Reply by notoriousDUG 1 hour ago
I dislike him as well but that is a pretty damn terrible thing to say; no matter how bad you make him out to be you are way, way worse for saying something like that.

Reply by James BlackHeron 1 hour ago
Used to?

Glad to have you back James. Would love to read some newly minted confrontations between you and notoriousDUG. Those were ‘gems‘.

Reply by igz 5 minutes ago
wow. dude really does have a hard-on for chainlink and its members!

On-SarcasmActually it is the other way ’round. The ChainLink appears to have an Internet Mob mentality when it comes to ideas and sentiments with which there is ‘consensus agreement‘. The most recent Internet Mob action was taken on Doug Iverson. What you really never know about this forum is whether these are contrived attacks or simply bad manners on display for all to see. Either way it deserves to be memorialized.

As for ideas, you folks seem to dislike, ‘salmoning‘ comes to mind. Yet when you do Critical Mass Rides, what do you do, you ‘salmon‘. On purpose and then have the temerity to document it via video. But of course anyone describing this as a stupid move is suspect as a bike hater, which they probably are not. It is simply that eventually you get disgusted with the threats of death and the sophomoric reasoning that is spewed endlessly and you decide to utter some Sarcasm.

But even that you cannot bear because as a group you are used to being on the delivering end of the Internet Mob activity. But in my case I have my own blog and am able to rebut whatever it is you are saying and that is what irks you. Get over yourselves!

Contrary to your own opinion of yourself, the sun itself does not shine out of your rectum. Remove your head from your own anal orifice, it can’t really be good to breath that sort of thing on a sustained basis. Grow up!

Reply by Anne Alt 32 minutes ago
I agree. It’s one thing to hate someone for being a troll, but quite another to wish injury or death on that person.

I am not quite certain how writing what I write on my own blog post constitutes me being a ‘troll‘. Wouldn’t I have to be issuing taunts from the forum itself? I assure you that I am not. But for the gracious and free advertising of Andrew and others who follow me ceaselessly you would never know what I was up to, now would you?

I guess I owe Andrew some thanks for the hit count climb.

But on the other hand let it be known that Andrew’s responses are more the norm than those of either Anne Alt or notoriousDUG. What this forum is really all about is exactly what he reflects.

Reply by J.A.W. 1 hour ago
Do a whois lookup on Or whatever his website is.

Reply by James BlackHeron 33 minutes ago
I feel naming names, and posting of addresses and phone numbers in internet forums crosses a line over to threatening/intimidating behavior and should be avoided in places like this out in the open. Sure, it’s public information for those who wish to look it up themselves, but posting it here is intimidating to the person targeted IMHO and is inviting mischievous and even violent behavior from anyone who may read it and could possibly take action on it.
All the other hand-wringing about saying mean things about someone above are one thing. But this is a step even beyond that. It just shouldn’t be done.

Is that your tongue firmly planted in your cheek?

Reply by Vilda 20 minutes ago
Sadly all this is doing is driving traffic to his website. That would be why his site isn’t posted in the OG post. While I too hope he gets hit by a bus and his corpse then falls off a bridge to be eaten by piranha’s I draw the line at visiting his website.

Fuck that douche! And James, his wherabouts were public information long ago. If you look at earlier posts you’ll see references to Wheaton and such.

So does your university employer really like to see this sort of thing ‘in print‘ from its staff?

Reply by John Durham 9 minutes ago
Doxxing is bad Netiquette.
Beeblepups is undoubtedly unhinged, and his website a disaster of fanciful claims and nonsense, but putting his name and address up here is uncalled for.

This is the kind of Internet Mob action is routinely applied to anyone that does not bow to the wishes of these Thugs on Two Wheels. Sorry Anne but the kind of crowd you have aligned yourself with is pretty ugly. And I count Vilda’s (formerly Gabe) as the second death threat of the day. But I guess that I should have expected this level of depravity knowing what they almost tried to do to Jerry Lee less than a week ago.

notoriousDUG Decides To Contact Me ‘Offline’

What is curious about the ChainLink Crowd is that it wants things ‘both ways’. They would rather than debate you online decide to kick you off of the ChainLink Forum. But once kicked off they are aggravated that you are not part of the forum where they can rebut you online! I really see no way to resolve this problem. They have no right to ask me not to write opinion on my own blog. But they do not want me to introduce that opinion on their forum. What should one make of this? I am certain that this email represents a threat of some sort but like the others you have to be prepared to read between the lines.

To: Webmaster

Doug Haynes

Seriously, I have contacted you before about my high level of distaste for you using my name and words and requested you stop. This is stupid and childish, you want to argue with me and poke fun at me please do it on a forum in which I am given a voice in order to speak in defense of myself.

If you do not stop doing this and remove the things you have posted I am going to be forced to move this issue from simple e-mails to a real world problem.

Thank you,
Doug Haynes

My written response to him was as follows:

To: Haynes <>

So let me be clear. Before I was kicked off the ChainLink Forum you had a chance to rebut anything I wrote. Once your group was able to remove my membership you forfeited the right to be given a voice because to speak in your defense. I guess that means that I will need to take this as another threat of some sort for today.

What I am trying to express is the fact that having my membership to the ChainLink Forum revoked is the very reason he cannot confront me in that forum. This group is full of contradictions. They dislike being stood up to by anyone and when they take their revenge by kicking you off the forum they then complain that they are unable to confront you in that same forum?

Elements Helping Wright Ride Participants

Elements Helping Wright Ride Participants

He wrote this increasingly threatening letter back:


Take it as you like and expect to be hearing from me in the real world soon.
I do not appreciate the implication I hide behind a screen; see ya soon.

Actually I came across him a week or so ago at the Wright Ride doing bicycle repair at the Spring Rock rest stop. He said nothing to me and I in fact took a picture of someone from his shop working.

Your Best Bets Are To Write Rebuttals Without Reference

You should simply cease to ‘drive hits‘ to my site by making death threats. That alone calls into question your intelligence. Brilliant people learn to debate and do so with as much acerbic wit as they can muster. Evidently this is something that has not occurred to you so I offer it free of charge. I suggest that you not reference me because that defeats the purpose of your supposed shunning of me.

But in the meantime try and learn to differ with folks on your forum without going ballistic to the point of it being vulgar and tawdry. As for me just understand that I am here and you can follow what I have to say or not. But every time you come to visit you have indeed ‘blinked‘.

The Weakness of the Internet Mob Strategy

When you are hiding behind a group attack it makes for a difficult time for the person being assaulted. They are at one moment expressing their views on the use of E-Bikes and suddenly if you are Jerry Lee you have all sorts of things ascribed to you because you are riding such a bike. It always has been my policy to never gang up on someone just for the sake of watching the flow of blood. It is cowardly but that is the way the ChainLink Forum works.

The people who own this forum are equally cowardly for not stepping in when a forum thread turns ugly. But this happens often enough on the ChainLink that many readers begin to grow jaded:

Reply by Vilda 2 hours ago
If he were being eaten by a pack of wild dogs I wouldn’t throw a bone to get them off him.

Now the irony is that this sort of language is being written by the fellow who when I objected to him calling the South and West Sides, ‘shitholes‘, threatened to have my membership revoked. But since he is a very good friend of the fellow who was serving as Moderator at that time (Lee Diamond) it was easy to make happen. But why can this sort of out-of-control verbal display be tolerated on a forum that wants to see itself as a place for all cyclists in the city?

Reply by Peenworm “8 mile” Grubologist 2 hours ago
It wouldn’t be internet without waxing rhapsodic over violent fantasies about people who called someone a dingus, I guess.

Yes, it is a violent fantasy that Gabe (Vilda) invokes but that is how murders start. This is not some sort of boys-will-be-boys situation that goes on here on the ChainLink Forum from time-to-time. There was an incident a month or so ago where one of the interns was trying to stop this kind of thing in its tracks. But she got a taste of the Internet Mob treatment and the owners removed her from her duties and caved-in. Again, this forum is a bit like listening in on some violent street gang party, but with a tinge of irony given that these cyclists are supposed to be the ‘Save The Planet‘ brigade.

I don’t buy that for one minute. They are Thugs on Two Wheels, pure and simple. This forum is ruled by intimidation and threats whenever the rolling consensus is that the person speaking no longer merits their respect.

Reply by Sarah D. 1-3.3 2 hours ago

I guess that Madam Defarge must have laughed would have liked this response. At any rate I think I here knitting needles clicking in the background.

The ChainLink Is Broken

The universal symbol among BikeShare users is a downward pointing saddle turned towards the rear of the bike. I remember after having watched this group take apart Doug Iverson (I assume he was a real person) it angered me so very much that yet another person was being ill-treated that I conjured up this graphic. I am more certain than ever that it is an accurate portrayal of the situation on this forum.

Chicago ChainLink Forum Is Broken!

Chicago ChainLink Forum Is Broken!

When I was a grade school student here in Chicago I remember gang members who hung around the school yard and tried to recruit. They were essentially bullies who relied on their being older and stronger and in greater numbers than the 6th, 7th and 8th graders they cowed. There were two brothers in that school who were always picking on kids in the halls and especially on the playground.

One of them hit me after school and demanded my lunch money. I said no and his brother clipped me from behind. I grew enraged and pounced on the larger of the two. He was so surprised that someone had actually stood up to him that he failed to fend off my blows. The kids on the playground were watching and were probably afraid for my safety, but I then turned an assaulted the other brother who by this time was completely flummoxed.

Bullies are cowards first and foremost. Sometimes they have to reassure themselves that they are not by trying to intimidate you in person. I think Martin Luther King, Jr. must have learned this lesson the hard way. He was a man of non-violence and like Ghandi died at the hands of an assassin. Malcolm X was a militant who thought that fighting back would work as well. But what caused his death was a bullet from an assassin that he trusted.

Organizations that belong to the ChainLink Forum have to know that you are as guilty as the more thuggish elements on this forum because you fail to stand up to them. You either want their votes or their money or their backing and that sometimes comes with a cost of integrity. You cannot allow the ChainLink to simply be a cesspool of hatred and intolerance rules by folks who in another life would be gang members.

Andrew Bedno and notoriusDUG square off on Divvy technology

Andrew Bedno and notoriusDUG square off on Divvy technology