Whalon Lake Loop Ride



Gold Rush Cockpit View

Overcast for the better part of the morning the sky became partially cloudy in the afternoon and the wind continued. We parked at Nike Sports Complex and rode into downtown Naperville and on to the River Front Trail. On the trail it was fairly sparse participation by joggers and cyclists alike. We reached the Whalon Lake area and decided to climb the hill up out of the bowl. It was steep but doable on a recumbent.

At the top we decided to head straight back to town for luncheon at Potters Restaurant. We ate on the patio in the rear of the place and enjoy veggie burritos and lemonades. I made the decision to avoid the salsa and ate just chips. After luncheon we climb up to Mill Street and made our way back to the van.

Nice ride and route.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 20.8 miles
Time: 2h 24m 48s