A Glimpse Into Our Transportation Future


Every time you hear some knucklehead talk about the Idaho Stop Law and how he wishes that it were available here in Illinois, send him to view this video of the present state of things in China. What you have here is what the stop sign or red light as a ‘yield‘ looks like in practice:

Now some of the educated assholes that populate the ChainLink Forum (especially those who have migrated down from Madison) have not really thought through the consequences of the ‘slippery slope‘ that is the Idaho Stop Law. Most of these nut cases imagine a world in which cyclists alone get to be indulgent dicks and drive their bikes anyway they please.

But it will not be long before their motorized counterparts decide to join them in the fun. If you value your sanity and safety then you need to reconsider this shitty notion that traffic controls are optional. They are not and parents (especially parents) who dress their families up in matching jerseys and then train their kinds to run red lights while doing the Wright Ride out of Oak Park really need to have their heads examined and their reproductive organs confiscated for the duration.