VIDEO: Cyclist runs red light, struck by taxicab during group ride promoting bike safety

By Will Thomas, @willthomas
Posted: Jun 17, 2013 10:43 PM CDT

Source: MyFoxDC



A video showing a collision between a cyclist and a cabbie right in the heart of D.C. is going viral. However, what makes this footage different is the cyclist and his buddies are riding in the middle of an event designed to promote biking and safety.

Once a month, a local group promoting fun and safe cycling in D.C. holds a riding party and gets the word out through Facebook, Twitter and their website.

This month, hundreds gathered in Dupont Circle and rode through Anacostia and ended up on Capitol Hill.

But in that group of riders, there were a few guys described by the group’s founder as some “bad apples.”

Wednesday evening last week just before nightfall, an estimated 600 people gathered for a monthly meet up in Dupont Circle called DC Bike Party.

“Our goal is to have a good time, help other people have a good time and to be safe,” said Lia Seremetis.

She is the founder of the group that promotes bike safety and she says she is disturbed at this footage posted on YouTube and Reddit that has now gone viral.

You can see a small group of bikers in the crowd that Wednesday night not being safe.

“In the video, you’ll see them even when they’re a part of the group, they’re zooming through all of the other bikes that are stopped,” said Seremetis.

They are weaving through cars and other bikers — in some cases — nearly colliding with other cyclists.

Throughout the 15 minute video, the cyclists are running red lights.

And that is just what happens here in Logan Circle. One of the cyclists blows through a red light and a taxicab hits the man on the bike.

The aftermath shows the cyclist get up on his own and limp over to a bus bench where someone comforts him.

“That is the risk you take when you behave like that,” said Seremetis. “I would never say he got what was coming to him. I would just say it’s not surprising that he was hit like that.”

We are told the biker who was hit hurt his ankle and has a little road rash.

DC Bike Party works in conjunction with police and DDOT in trying to make their meet-up events safe for everyone.