Since When Was ‘Private Property’ A Difficult Concept?


The Social Anarchists of the ChainLink always have a negative opinion of anyone breaking a law they like. Take for instance parking in the bike lane. Even if that means it’s a truck unloading beer for their favorite pub to dispense. The get aroused and wonder whether 311 calls should be sent out and whether tickets should be issued and blah, blah, blah!

But let the question of locking their bikes to private property come up and even the property owners are afraid to voice their own opinions. the social pressures of the Anarchists are evidently quite strong. Happily I do not suffer from this affliction. I call them assholes, bigots and general pantywaists whenever I feel it justified.

These guys are basically thugs on bicycles. That does not make them better people because they commit crimes from the saddle of a human powered vehicle. It just makes them thugs. And the organizations which look out for their interests are no better than the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazis. I find more integrity in the Tea Party movement than I do in what is commonly thought of as the Urban Cycling Movement.

You know where these bigots stand and you are never in doubt. With Social Anarchists you are always wondering what they really believe in, besides their own personal convenience, comfort and entitlement.

Private Property Is Just That. Anarchists Don't Always Agree.

Private Property Is Just That. Anarchists Don’t Always Agree.

Ask any one of these bastards what they think about people of color who ‘salmon‘ and there is a clear and resounding wall of racial epithets disguised as legal musings. But ask them about private property and they get muddle-headed. Bullshit! They know the concept given the fact that they are sorely exercised when one of their own steals their crappy bikes. But when it comes to locking that same piece of shit to someone’s private fence they get clueless in a hurry.

They are gutless, self-serving wonders whose cause would be better jettisoned into the outer darkness than have another dime wasted on their ‘convenience‘ and ‘bike comfort‘.

For These Folks The Onus Is Always On Someone Else

Reply by Anne Alt 1 minute ago
Exactly. In residential areas that lack bike racks (= most residential areas), a fence or tree is often the only thing to lock up to aside from street lights and sucker poles. If you have a problem with people locking to your fence, please post a sign and request a bike rack from the city. That’s a great way to help solve a multiple problems.

On-SarcasmI’m sorry! But why does the property owner need to post a sign and then be the one to request a bike rack from the city? How about this. You ride your bike to the nearest car parking lot and pay the folks there for the privilege of parking it. Then you walk your lame ass back to the place you want to visit just like everyone else does.

Most city neighborhoods have stickers that are required for on-street parking. So a parking lot is sometimes the only alternative. But cyclists find themselves capable of simply appropriating property for their personal use and then demanding that you notify them that doing otherwise is not allowed. Again, poppycock!

Unfortunately Anne is a bike club president and someone who should know better. But voicing opinions on this site which do not ‘toe the party line‘ is like being a Tea Party member in Congress who voted for the invasion of Iraq on flimsy grounds but now finds it difficult to vote for the air strikes requested to retaliate against Assad. Were this Bush requesting the air strikes no hesitancy would be displayed. But this is a black President and that makes all the difference.

For Urban Cyclists if you ever, ever criticize them that can come as a death sentence to your aspirations to stand in front of photo ops with them, or ever get invited to their beer parties. Strange that such social engagements could trump simple honesty.