It Hurt My Eyes!


Lisa Curcio has been working with the distaff members of ChainLink Forum to get some sort of cohesion among the newbie female riders and their more seasoned counterparts. This is the logo that someone crafted for their group. I am not a graphic artist but frankly it bothered me no end to see this logo each time and probably the asymmetry of it was the worst thing!

Heck I hate to see bike parking lots for the same reason. Yuck!


Women Bike Chicago (Logo)

So rather than pull an Adam Herstein and just whine (he is the Jewish American Princess of this site) I decided to roll up my sleeves and take a stab at something that was at least more pleasing to me. So with the Chicago flag motif in mind as well as the central concentration on Divvy I came up with the following:

Remake: Women Bike Chicago (logo)

Remake: Women Bike Chicago (logo)

So now it’s time for all you graphics artists to churn up that creativity and prepare something that really will serve this group well.