Leave John Kass Alone, You Bully!

Leave John Kass Alone You Bully!

Leave John Kass Alone You Bully!


I cannot decide whether John Kass is taking money from the Active Transportation Alliance for posing as their ‘whipping boy‘ or not. But like John Hilkevitch he is having to endure verbal abuse from a fellow who first decries an piece by Hilkevitch in which the fee structure is questioned only to have Greenfield do as much in a later article of his own.

Now we have John Greenfield floundering about for a reason to earn his keep by complaining about the complaining that John Kass has done with respect to the behaviors of Divvy users, when John knows full well that the same complaints have been voiced time and again by supposed ‘real cyclists‘ who congregate and spew their bile on the Chicago ChainLink Forum.

Why not go after these folks and their criticisms? I can tell you for a fact that were he to do so a good deal of his financial support (such as it is) from the Chicago area would dry up. Urban Cyclists do not ‘cotton‘ to having anyone point out their foibles. So when you read again about the next nasty thing that John Kass has done remember that nothing he ever says is much different than that voiced by ChainLinkers when they think no one else is listening.

John Greenfield, leave the yellow journalism to Angie Schmitt she does it far better than you could ever hope to.