Do Urban Cyclists And Their Reporters Ever Admit To Being NIMBYs?

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So let me get this straight. ChainLinkers really do work with an ‘even hand‘ when writing about the doings of others. Take for instance this situation surrounding the proposed updates for Wrigley Field and the surrounding area:

Today Mayor Rahm Emanuel, 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney, and the Chicago Cubs announced that they’ve reached a deal for modifications to Wrigley Field and the surrounding neighborhood. Thanks in part to a petition signed by over 230 people and other organizing efforts, a proposed 500-space parking garagenear the ballpark won’t be part of the bargain, sparing the neighborhood a traffic generator and that would have made existing problems worse. However, the final agreement also includes the removal of sidewalks on two streets next to Wrigley, so the stadium can be expanded.

So were the signers of the petition NIMBYs? The writer of the article Steve Vance never once used that term to describe those who protested. But his oily partner-in-crime (John Greenfield) did just that when trying to describe those opposed to the Ashland BRT:

Romanelli led the coalition’s first public meeting on January 24, as well as the June meeting, and was the only member quoted in a June 7 Gazette article that broke the story of the group’s watered-down “Modern Express Bus” alternative proposal. Therefore, I responded that no retraction seemed necessary. Since then he has been the main spokesman for the NIMBYs in articles that ran in Lake View Patch on August 9, DNA Chicago on August 12, and Bucktown-Wicker Park Patch on August 15.

Okay. Given the track record of some of the supposed reporters for StreetsBlog you can see that fairness and objectivity are not job qualifications that are very much admired. They seem to despise anyone who writes honestly but negatively about the Divvy system (unless you find someone like John doing it himself) but when someone like Angie Schmitt writes some truly outrageous accounts of a bike running into the side of a car which she labels as the car hitting the bicycle you have to wonder at how far this crew will go to appease the mob of readers who depend on their drivel to keep them happy between beers.

So when the Chicago Tribune reports that someone is not happy with a Divvy station in their neighborhood the class envy starts to show. The original article said:

David Kolin and his wife, Jeannine Cordero, learned Tuesday that the area in front of their North Side condo building soon would be home to a Divvy bike-sharing station, one of hundreds the Chicago Department of Transportation is installing across the city.

The station, which can hold up to 15 of the baby-blue rental bikes, opened Wednesday near Addison Street and Pine Grove Avenue. But the three-unit building’s condo association, of which Kolin is president, on Wednesday asked a Cook County judge to stop the station from becoming a fixture in front of their home.

“We don’t think it’s appropriate in a residential area to have this thing set up,” said Kolin, an attorney. “It’s not a very attractive thing to have. It’s led to crowds already.”

“It’s hideous,” added Cordero, also a lawyer. “It’s less than 20 steps from our front door.”

Cordero said she fears property devaluation, safety issues and trash buildup. The civil filing names CDOT and Ald. James Cappleman, 46th, as defendants.

Amanda W started a thread which in the same vein as that written by John uses that hated word NIMBY. Evidently we begin to see a pattern. If what you are against is something I am as well you are a fighter for justice, truth and the planet. If you are upset with my pet project you are a NIMBY.

For a group that is always whining about reporters not editorializing one has to wonder if they read their own copy. What else would you call the use of a loaded term like NIMBY but editorializing? Have the decency to be as neutral yourselves as you wish others might be. It’s kinda hard to take you seriously if you cannot be fair.

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