Wright Ride Tour 2013


Architectural Listing 2013 (cover)

Architectural Listing 2013 (cover)

Architectural Listings (internals)

Architectural Listings (internals)

Today’s weather was again perfect. The morning air was cool and in the 60s before climbing well into the 80s.

We rode from downtown Oak Park through town for a while before heating south along East Street towards Riverside and then Western Springs.

The housing in various areas is stunningly beautiful. Lots of folks were out and about walking their dogs or riding their bicycles or strolling. It was a great day to be out and about.

Riding Groups Galore


Bobby Mitchell of the Oak Park Bike Club

Many of the groups today were informal gathering that were not actually attached to a club. Folks came from all over. Some drove out from the city others from neighboring suburbs. The route is essentially a training ride for the Oak Park Bicycle Club. Nevertheless you really have to admire the beauty of the route. I ran into Bobby Mitchell and Karin Evans. Both of these wonderful folks are members of the host club Oak Park Bicycle Club. I got to chat a good long while with Bobby and learning about his involvement with several organizations that serve the African-American cycling community in Illinois.

After the ride we packed up the bikes and headed over to the Chipotle across the street from the parking lot. It was once again a great ride on a beautiful day.

Wright Ride Tour 2013 from Beezodog's Place on Vimeo.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 30.9 miles
Time: 3h 42m 58s