Chicago Air & Water Show Rehearsal Ride


Chicago Air & Water Show Rehearsal Ride 2013

Chicago Air & Water Show Rehearsal Ride 2013

The weather today was simply gorgeous. Temperatures were in the 80s but the humidity was low and the sun was shining and there was a mild wind. By the time we had returned to North Avenue Beach the rehearsal was essentially over. It meant a fairly crowded walkway as pedestrians headed home. But that was welcomed.

At Navy Pier we ducked under the Lake Shore Drive underpass and came up on Ohio Avenue. Then we headed inland to reach Dearborn Street to take its Protected Bike Lane into the Loop to reach Native Foods Cafe. The special today was a fried cauliflower dish that tasted for all the world like fried fish cakes. I enjoyed it very much! I washed it all down with some Ginger Ale before heading back to the van,

Saw a few riders in distress. One gal and her male friend looked as if they were trying to solve something amiss with her bike. I could not tell whether it was a flat tire or something mechanical. They were fairly close to the bike show at Recreation Drive so hopefully they walked to it and got things straightened out.

Divvy bikes were plentiful on the trail. We even spotted a station across from the Theater-on-the-Lake building. But there were also plenty of the standard rental bikes out and about. On the way over to the lunch spot we noticed Divvy doing some load balancing. I nodded a greeting to the fellow who was working alone. These bikes barely fit into those vans sideways.

Back at the van we stowed the bikes and headed off to Roscoe Village for some ice drinks and oatmeal cookies. My GPS unit said we had burned almost 7K calories, so I felt no guilt.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 19.3 miles
Time: 2h 24m 01s