Whalon Lake Loop 8-11-2013


Rode from Whalon Lake along the DuPage River Trail to downtown Naperville. We stopped at the Potter’s Restaurant for luncheon. This is a Mexican themed restaurant which has a nicely done vegetable burrito. The onions used in the preparation were sweet and crisp. The chips and salsa that come with the meal are fairly spicy. We washed down the burrito and a side of rice with a tall glass of lemonade. Delicious!

The gathering out on the patio of the restaurant is lively. This would make a great stop on any weekend evening when the weather allowed. You can bike right up to the patio by entering from the street behind the building. In fact there is plenty of parking back there as well. But the bikes were parked alongside the retaining wall (which has pillared gaps which allow you to watch the bikes). In all a great way for cyclists with kickstands to use their bikes without cluttering up the venue for non-bike users.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 20.6 miles
Time: 2h 09m 02s