Urban Cyclist Credo : A Mindset We Must Not Allow to ‘Take Hold’


At the heart of the Urban Cyclist movement is a Credo that sounds far too much like that of MFrank. We should not consider him an outlier but rather a person who is honest enough to state his position no matter the consequences. With the Urban Cycling movement this sort of candor is shielded from view in an effort to avoid problems.

Groups like the Critical Mass Ride are purposely leaderless for this same reason. But it is nevertheless incumbent on those of us who love cycling to be aware of the pitfalls of forming alliances with people whose basic outlook is anarchistic. This makes them dangerous and negatively affects the very characteristic of personal transportation efforts, namely safety.

A Fenced In Mindset - It Must Not Be Allowed To 'Take Hold'

A Fenced In Mindset – It Must Not Be Allowed To ‘Take Hold’

My experience has been that in most situations on the ChainLink Forum people are unwilling to offer too much pushback when confronted with this kind of credo. What is worse though is that with respect to both motorists and pedestrians there is little regard for them as a part of the transportation landscape and it shows in open conversation.

Visual Evidence of Scofflaw Cyclist Behavior

Not only do cyclists like MFrank run red lights, they routinely blow through stop signs at 4-way intersections as well. The Urban Cyclist Community would like to give your the notion that theirs is a reasoned approached to the violation of stop signs. That is they roll up to a 4-way intersection and then come to a near trackstand before continuing through. Yeah right!

The reality of riding in Hipster-ville is quite different. In the video above I come to a complete stop (feet on the ground) at a 4-way intersection. You can see a couple on foot approaching the walkway and are almost half-way across the intersection when a scofflaw cyclist blows through the intersection so fast it is difficult to actually see him. He has to be moving at better than 20 MPH!

This is along the very stretch of community where Bobby Cann was killed! What I terribly resent is the blather about the tragedy of his death that comes out of the mouths of those who:

  • Ride like the scofflaw in this video
  • Never bothered to give any recognition to the lovely lady in Arlington Heights who was run down by an 11-year old cyclist on a bike path
  • Never bothered to acknowledge the two deaths by cyclists that occurred in California, one of which resulted in a manslaughter conviction

If our aim is safety and all the blather that comes out of the mouth of Ron Burke every time he gets off his ass long enough to write a piece complaining about how dangerous it is for cyclists when motorists misbehave is made null and void when we do not correct our own. Ron, there is no ambiguity in the video above. There is no ambiguity in the video of the Ride Marshal who served in last year’s Four Star Bike Tour as he ‘demonstrated‘ for riders in our group all of the behaviors shown by riders like the one pictured in the video. Do I really have to embarrass my club and that individual before you will take the necessary steps to ensure that he does not serve in that capacity again this year? Your call.