ChainLinker Offers ‘Olive Branch’ Before Moving To Naperville

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In an heroic move today, a ChainLinker offered an ‘olive branch‘ to all transportation lawbreakers. He wrote in response to a newbie’s query about the unlawful behavior of bicyclists witnessed on their way to work each morning:

Reply by Duppie 13.5185km 3 hours ago
Same reason as why you see drivers yapping on their cell, or pedestrians cross streets with their face buried in their cell-phone: We have a) internalized that our actions are safe, or b) decided that the rules do not apply to us.

While it may be frustrating to see this behavior, keep in mind that you are responsible only for your own actions. Not the action of others.

Following this offering of forgiveness to cyclists and motorists alike it was agreed that the usual whining about motorists parking in the bike lane or cutting cyclists off at intersections would be dispensed with in the name of ‘unity‘. Rabbi Herstein offered up his own Mitzvah when he pronounced that a motorist critical of cyclists should be heeded:

Reply by Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) 5 hours ago
Welp, he certainly has a point. My mind has been changed. This will be my last post on the Chainlink, as I will be going off to buy an SUV and move out to Naperville. Farewell.

Upon hearing of this relocation the Palestinian Authority agreed to recognize Israel’s right to exist and the GOP decided to give the ‘niggerPresident one more chance to earn their forgiveness for his mother being white and his father black. And into the bargain they have agreed that Rand Paul will ask for only half as much in cutbacks to the cycling program as he was asking.

As For KidZero…

Running Red Lights & Pedestrian Cross Walks
Posted by KidZero on August 2, 2013 at 2:49pm

I am a casual commuter bicyclist. I ride to work down Milwaukee via my bike or the 56 bus. (Bucktown to West Loop)
One thing I notice during my commutes is that at certain “T” intersections 19 out of 20 bicyclists will not stop at the red light and pass through it. It doesn’t matter if there are pedestrians at cross-walks or incoming traffic. Some will not even slow down.

Personally, it drives me crazy. I find it to be completely irresponsible, dangerous and discourteous at these times of day. It wouldn’t concern me as much if it was not during rush hour. However, we are talking about people trying to use the crosswalks and cars attempting to drive normally and merge onto busy roads.

Example: Milwaukee & Wabansia – This intersection has 2 crosswalks across Milwaukee. It has a day care & public library. Foot traffic is high with parents/kids/strollers and commuters. Bicyclists do not stop even if there are people crossing or traffic coming onto Milwaukee. I have seen them swerve around strollers and disregard any safety concerns. Personally I have almost been hit once, saw 2 near collisions with strollers and people held up from crossing because of a stream of unconcerned bicyclists.

Example: Milwaukee & Noble – This intersection has one highly used crosswalk across Milwaukee. It is by a school with a lot of student pedestrians (with a crossing guard) and a good amount of senior citizens. Again, Bicyclist run this red all of the time even if there are people crossing. Personally, I have seen near collisions with groups of students, 3 seniors and cars making left turns.

If this was a rare occurrence I wouldn’t be posting. In fact, this issue alone prompted me to create an account and post at Chainlink.
I want to understand WHY people think this is okay and don’t think it is a danger to themselves and others?

  • Why can’t they stop?
  • Why do they not care about the safety of others?
  • Why do they not care about the rules of the road?

The mindset is what I’m looking to understand. Right now I just think they are selfish a-holes who value their time/safety/space more than others. On days with near collisions I even get angry to the point of yelling. (I saw an old woman missed by nearly 3 inches.


I want to be proven wrong and have an understanding of why this happens.


He/she has renounced all claims to the vicious lies they offered up regarding bicyclist behavior. He/she admits that this was a canard offered up at the request of Howard to get the juices of the group flowing following a slow week.

Secretary of State John Kerry is in negotiations with those others on the ChainLink who however have offered their own versions of cyclist behavior in Chicago:

Reply by Cheryl 1 hour ago
I commute on Milwaukee every weekday and see a lot of the same behavior as KidZero. Is every bicyclist behaving that way? – definitely not. But there are quite a lot of them out there, to the degree that I am often concerned about getting rear-ended by another bike when I stop for a red light or stop sign – which is really something I shouldn’t have to worry about!

Taking a practical approach to T intersections, etc while yielding to peds in the crosswalk is one thing and I don’t have any issue with that. Not even slowing or pausing to yield right of way is another thing altogether, and not behavior I can excuse or condone.

Reply by Elizabeth M. 1 hour ago
I hate it when bikes run that light! I take Elston to Milwaukee and I can’t tell you how many close calls I’ve had with other bikes running through that light when I have the green.

Also, as someone who spent her first 5 years in Chicago as a pedestrian I can tell you what KZ describes happens ALL THE TIME. My encounters with bikes as a pedestrian was one of the main things that had me terrified of trying to ride a bike in the city. Even now that I have conquered that fear I find I have more close calls with bikes than I do cars. I understand not stopping and sitting at every single red light. But there is a staggering number of people out there who don’t even appear to pause to consider who has the right of way.

It has been rumored that unless these scurrilous lies are retracted the NSA will have to revoke the NING license of the ChainLink and round up its principals. And in a separate move at least one of the members of this discussion has filed suit for references to Nazis.

An Olive Branch Has Been Offered To Motorists and Pedestrians Alike.

An Olive Branch Has Been Offered To Motorists and Pedestrians Alike.

On A Serious Note

In the following video you can see a typical scene occur that is repeated hundreds of times each day of the week all year long. Urban Cyclists want you to picture their scofflaw behavior in the most reasonable light possible. They like to frame the ‘rolling through stop signs‘ debate as them coming to a track stand to avoid ‘losing momentum‘ before gently rolling through after having ascertained that no one else’s right-of-way is being violated. That picture of how life is lived in Wicker Park is utter bullshit.

What you witnessed in watching this video was me coming to a full stop (feet on the ground) and waiting while a couple tries to cross in front of me in the crosswalk. Suddenly to my left a hipster replete with messenger bag (the cowboy boots and hat equivalent so favored by these wannabe jerks) and sans helmet. He is the quintessential poster child of urban life in Wicker Park.

I always get a charge out of the fact that when Active Transportation Alliance wants to trot out yet another miserable year of Open Streets it does so up here. I suppose they do it because these folks are gullible enough to believe their own hype about how pedestrian friendly they are. But the reality is if you are trying to cross streets up here you are often taking your life in your hands.

To make this all really bizarre you have to realize that a few scant blocks from where this incident took place Bobby Cann was killed. So you would think that given all the blather about his death folks would step back and reconsider the scofflaw behavior, right? Never gonna happen. ATA is gonna keep trying to milk this guys death with yet another fund raiser and that will be the extent of anything that really occurs. The idea in the Urban Cycling Community is to keep the pressure on continue the hate fest against motorists but to completely ignore the unsafe practices of cyclists. The idea being that if we come down hard on these scofflaws we will lose our momentum in attempting to organize this community for cycling safety. WTF? Talk about mangled reasoning.

But hey, this is how we roll here in Hipster-ville. We are all about perception and never really about reality.