Lucky Escape After Car Door Opens On Cyclist

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9:52am UK, Sunday 04 August 2013

The moment a woman narrowly escapes being thrown under a truck after she was knocked off her bike is captured on camera.

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A woman has escaped serious injury after she was knocked off her bike when a passenger opened a car door in front of her.

The victim, whose family name is Shi, was riding home on her electric bicycle in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, when the accident took place.

A rear door of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) stopped by the roadside opened suddenly in front of her, sending her tumbling from her bike into the rear wheel of a passing truck.

The woman is thrown into the back tyre of a passing truck

The woman is thrown into the back tyre of a passing truck

She said: “There was a white thing that flashed, knocked me off my bicycle, and then I fainted.”

The woman was taken to hospital, where she is reportedly in a stable condition.

Police located the SUV, which fled the accident, using CCTV footage.

She then falls to the ground after narrowly escaping going under the truck

She then falls to the ground after narrowly escaping going under the truck

Officer Zhou Zhengbin said: “The driver didn’t control the passengers after he stopped the car. A passenger pushed the car door open just as an electric bicycle rode past.

“There is an obvious mark on the car door.”

The SUV driver was taken into custody pending a further investigation.


The first and foremost problem is that cyclists are being systematically pushed into the FTR position on roadways. In fact in much of the United States we actually create bike lanes that look like this:

Door Zone Bike Lane

Door Zone Bike Lane

The response to this inane placement is to blame the motorist who is attempting to exit their vehicle.

That is like blaming a rape victim for walking home in the dark alone through a sketchy neighborhood on a walkway suggested by city planners.

When a municipality screws up this badly it joins forces with the Active Transportation Alliance and other groups like it to help wage campaigns that deflect the blame on the motorist. Why?

Well if it meant moving the lanes out of the ‘Door Zone‘ at a cost of millions or leaving the mess you have created just as it is and allowing insurance companies to do your fighting the choice is obvious. The Cycling Advocacy groups are complicit in this nonsense because they do not wish to have the municipality cease to put down pretty green lanes. So they shut their ‘pie holes‘ and look the other way. Besides it brings in lots more money for them as organizations if cyclists are once again venting their anger at motorists. For ATA it is a win-win situation.

The Key to Ending 'Door Zone' Collisions

The Key to Ending ‘Door Zone’ Collisions