ChainLinker Cyclists Hatin’ On Pedestrians

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Every Lane Is A Bike Lane © Wheel and Sprocket

Every Lane Is A Bike Lane
© Wheel and Sprocket

So cyclists want to claim that ‘Every Lane Is A Bike Lane‘. OK, I’m down with that. Of course this means being willing to share with others, right? You would think so but bicyclists are largely white and arrogant and do not understand the basic concept of sharing, especially with pedestrians.

So when joggers take to the bike lane in Chicago it raises the hackles of this little slice of humanity to the point that they want to trot our law to defend their notions of who can use the bike lane. But one wag decided to heap coals on the heads of these cyclists by pointing out that they actually (wait for it) run with earbuds installed!


That got me to thinking about an image recently posted by one of the members of the ChainLink. It’s a nice picture that he shared with the world and it is well made and quite effective. It does show him wearing something on his person that would drive his fellow ChainLinkers wild were he a pedestrian/runner using the same lane as they:

ChainLiner Ride With Ear Buds!

ChainLiner Ride With Ear Buds!

Why do cyclists consistently allow themselves to do things that they loathe in others? That my dear reader is a topic for another time. Here is a parting poster:

The Golden Rule of Cycling

The Golden Rule of Cycling