Crisp Weather Ride – 28 July 2013


Today’s weather was crisp and cool. We seemed to always be on the verge of a downpour but nothing ever emerged. We rode from the UIC Parking Facility to the Chicago Lakefront Trail and then headed southward. Our first stop was the bathroom’s on Northerly Island. Afterwards we took a short tour of what remains of the park with the wonderful statues of maidens in flight. I certainly hope that the southern end is fully restored. Right now it lies behind a chainlink fence barrier.

Then it was further south to 31st Street where we climbed the hill to the top and saw families with children holding some sort of nifty outing. They had organized games and such. Then it was back down to the trail and further south to 47th Street and then to 51st Street before turning around. At the bottom of the 47th Street overpass my GoPro Hero 3 battery announced it was taking a nap. So I turned off the unit and stowed the camera until we reached Native Foods Cafe.

At the Cafe we enjoyed the new BBQ Sandwich and sides. I was really hungry today so I was happy to have a larger meal. We chatted with the wait staff and then headed back out to reach the van in time to pack up and leave while the sun was still shining.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 17.3 miles
Time: 2h 16m 54s