The Linden Cycle Track is Seattle’s first world-class protected bike lane + VIDEO

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Tom Fucoloro

Source: Seattle Bike Blog

Seattle's 1st Urban Cycle Track

Seattle’s 1st Urban Cycle Track

Seattle recently completed most work on the Linden Ave Complete Streets Project, which includes a world-class cycle track connecting the Seattle and Shoreline sections of the Interurban Trail and dramatically improving walking and ADA access along the street.

Essentially, the design of the cycle makes it safe, intuitive and easy to use and interact with, no matter what mode of transportation you use. People on bikes are separated from moving cars by either a curb or parked cars. Bike-specific traffic signals help avoid conflicts and confusion at intersections, and new sidewalks help neighborhood residents, especially those with mobility issues, get around much more safely.

This project is a slam dunk for the neighborhood, city and region.

To guide you through some of the features of the cycle track, here’s a video I made (apologies for shakiness):

Parked cars are set back from driveway crossings to make sure people in cars can easily see people biking and walking:

Linden Cycle Track - 1

Linden Cycle Track – 1

In some sections, the bike lanes are separated from moving cars by a curb and parked cars. In other sections, a drainage dip, painted barrier and parked cars separate the modes. While I was there, this worked quite well and everyone parked in the right spot. I have heard of people getting confused and parking in the bike lanes, but time will tell whether that is just a learning curve issue.

Linden Cycle Track - 2

Linden Cycle Track – 2

Bike-specific traffic signals control bike traffic, even at this high-use crosswalk:

Linden Cycle Track - 3

Linden Cycle Track – 3

The official launch of the Linden Complete Streets Project is scheduled for 10 a.m. – noon July 13 in front of the Bitter Lake Community Center.

Linden Celebration Launch Poster

Linden Celebration Launch Poster