Pam & Paul Connor Summer Picnic 2013


Pam Connor talks with guests

Pam Connor talks with guests

Despite being pretty overcast earlier in the evening the skies turned quiet and the evening’s picnic began with a settling of cool air onto the shoulders of the participants. Folks came and went and while I was able to capture most some of them arrived and left between images. I used the GoPro Hero 3 camera tonight in Time Lapse mode. It was set to take a full image at intervals of 60 seconds.

It was fun trying to imagine how the images were going to “come out”. I was able to see when each image fired but frankly you eventually miss most of the blinking LEDs because you are either in conversation with someone or eating or are otherwise occupied. The kids under 10 years of age were brave enough to venture into the swimming pool tonight! Brrr!

After about an hour and a half I was frankly getting chilled and opted to head back home to process the slideshow you see. I hope that the music plays for you and that you enjoy the images as well. I had the camera strapped to my chest using the Chesty harness attachment. This is a great little camera which has so much potential for immersive image making that I scarcely can believe some of the imagery I see being made with it. Enjoy!