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Flipped SUV

Flipped SUV

Drunk Biking Ticket???
Posted by El Dorado on July 25, 2013 at 6:06pm

I was riding home from out in the West suburbs the other night and was pretty intoxicated. I passed out on the side of the road and was taken into the police station & issued a ticket for “obstruction of traffic”. I’m not sure if I need a lawyer or not. Dos anyone else know the exact laws pertaining to drunken cycling?? I kinda feel as if the cop was “hassling” me because this is a upper class suburb.

Two reactions:

  • This is exactly the kind of nonsense you would expect a Midnight Marauder to be involved in. I have personally witnessed their buffoonery while riding alongside those of us doing the L.A.T.E. Ride in Chicago. At that time I was unaware of their existence or that of the ChainLink Forum. Sadly I am more than a little aware of both, now. Neither has enriched my cycling experience.
  • What is saddest of all is that these are the same people who fly into a rage when a motorist gets drunk and drives an automobile. Now before you start with the ‘knee-jerk‘ response that ‘bikes don’t kill‘ try and recall in that tiny little brain of yours the situation in SF just a few days ago when a cyclist plead guilty to doing just that. Now ask yourself what this asshole could have done had he been riding past a crosswalk and plowed into folks walking therein. Or worse yet what mayhem might he have caused had a motor vehicle been trying to avoid him and managed to plow into a tree or another vehicle.

Reply by Mike F 18 hours ago
I think your ticket had nothing to do with your bicycle. You passed out on the side of the road. You would probably have gotten the same ticket if you had been a pedestrian. Be glad you did not pass out in a traffic lane.

Reply by David P. 18 hours ago
I’d pay the ticket and learn a lesson from it.

Fat chance of a lesson being learned. This crowd is more litigious than any I have every encountered. In fact the only time they ever turn circumspect with regards to what they say on this forum is when they think it might affect their ability to win a big award in court. You wonder if they live their entire lives looking for that one big payout that will allow them to live their already miserable lives in relative luxury. I have news for them. Virtually every single lottery winner ends up broke and impoverished. I have no doubt they will do likewise.

Reply by Nikul Shah 17 hours ago
I agree with Mike F and David P. Consider yourself lucky that you weren’t killed given your level of intoxication. Also, the police tend to frown upon passing out on the side of the street whether in the suburbs or in the city. I’m willing to bet that because it was an upper class suburb they didn’t cite you for something more serious.

Reply by Duppie 13.5185km 17 hours ago
Call a laywer. Hear what they have to say. Then decide

See what I mean. Call a lawyer. No wonder the courts are tied up in knots trying to deal with the mountain of worthless suits brought by idiots who want nothing more than to live off someone else’s earnings.

Reply by Haddon 16 hours ago
If you didn’t get charged with anything than pay the ticket and be done with it ASAP.

And what do you suppose the cop should have done? They took you to the station instead of leaving you there where an errant driver might have run you over. The guy, rather than hassling you, might well have saved your life.

The narrative here isn’t that the cops were giving you a hard time the narrative is that you were stupid drunk, passed out and luckly didn’t get run over, face planted or what not. Then a cop, rather than leave you there to get run over, kidnapped, or other wise fucked with – took you to the station where you probably got to sober up in the relative safety of a cell. And all you got was a ticket. If you passed out downtown what is it you think would have happened to you? Did you want the guy to bring you a pillow and a blanket?

Pay the ticket, go thank the cop for possibly saving your life and next time your that plowed wait till you sober up before you put your life at risk.

You are wasting your breath here.

Reply by Mike Keating 15 hours ago
Call a Criminal/Traffic lawyer. This sounds more like a traffic citation than a criminal charge.

Reply by Haddon 12 hours ago
And I forgot, said cop could have just called an ambulance and had you carted you off to the hospital and now you’d be looking and a couple grand bill for EMS services and the ER. Rather a cop or two hoisted your drunk ass around by themselves. They did you more favors than you know.

Reply by El Dorado 4 hours ago
I should say they did let me lock up my bike before “hauling me in”. I just can’t imagine this would of happened when I lived in Uptown.

I am certain the residents of Uptown are happy to have seen you leave. Yikes!

Reply by Evan 4 hours ago
Drunk biking, not OK. Remember: same rights, same responsibilities. You should lose your right to bike/drive for six months.

Sure it is. It’s akin to running red lights and stop signs. He’s the only one with ‘skin in the game‘, right?

Reply by Brendan Kevenides 3 hours ago
Here’s a column I wrote on biking and drinking:….
Also, if you want a lawyer to consult with about this Ian Kasper is the man: or 847.625.0500.

Always nice to see professional courtesy extended between lawyers…

Reply by Tim S 3 hours ago
Dorado, you were passed out on the side of the road in a nice suburb, count your blessing there is still an officer out there that can make good decisions. If you were passed out near my folks house on the North Shore you better believe you would have been given a ticket.

You would have been okay if you were in Uptown, serious? You would be lucky to still have your wallet and bike, possibly life if you pulled this in Uptown.

You obviously need to have a reality check for getting upset about this ticket.

Reply by Cameron 7.5 mi 3 hours ago
Seriously, you did something really stupid and all that happened was a minor ticket. Consider yourself lucky.

Reply by Alex Z 2 hours ago
What do you think would’ve happened in Uptown?

Reply by notoriousDUG 2 hours ago
You’re right, in Uptown you would have been rolled and possibly beaten up lying on the side of the road drunk.

You did not get a drunk biking ticket, you got a ticket for being a traffic obstruction because you were passed out on the side of the road; you being a cyclist had nothing to do with this. Be thankful it was not far worse.

Say it ain’t so Joe.” I thought the quality of life in the city was what made it such a hoot to live there? Now you’re telling me that had this occurred in Uptown this guy might have suffered bodily injury. So if this is the case, what exactly is there about city living that is so very inviting?

Reply by Jason W 1 hour ago
Lol, sounds like you had some fun. People passed out along the road tend to attract police whether you are in an “upper class suburb” or not. It sounds like you just got a citation. Probably best to just pay it.

Maybe I Should Return To The City of My Birth

Sounds like I am missing a great deal out here in the boonies. If John Greenfield is correct I should be staring out my windows and mourning the loss of meaning in my life. I could join El Dorado in his quest for liver ruin and be as cool as the rest of the Marauders.