Whalon Lake Loop Toodle 21 Jul 2013


Nothing makes a ride more enjoyable for me than to encounter something I have not met before. That happened today. I met my very first Unicorn Bicycle. But first we must set the stage for this tale.

Whalon Lake is a magical place at times. On our last visit it was suffering from a washed out trail that circles the lake itself. The rains of a few nights before had left it very much damaged. Today that damage was cleared and we were able to circumnavigate the lake. The sun was beating down today as it was yesterday. Perhaps the humidity level had moderated a bit but not very much.

We then headed out onto the portion of the trail that leads in Naperville. Lots of riders out today. We encountered at least two other folks riding recumbents, one couple on a Ryan Duplex Tandem. Another couple visiting from Delaware were riding their bikes (upright racers) on the way back to the lake.

We even ran into a couple riding strider bikes. Nice concept but they seem to be difficult to develop uphill energy with.

We were coming around a bend in the trail when I spotted a Unicorn. A young lady and her male companion were talking in the shade of the trail. I was a bit confused by the shape of the unicorn head at a distance and then realized what it was. I had to have a picture. She obliged and that made my day!

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 16.1 miles
Time: 1h 39m 09s