Skokie Sculpture Garden Ride 2013


Ethnic Arts Fair Piece 2013

Ethnic Arts Fair Piece 2013

Today’s ride began at the Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival. We shop there every year for Christmas gifts. If you have not visited make plans to do so next year. It is fun and you may find some very interesting pieces.

We then pedaled north through the Northwestern Campus grounds and made our way west towards Lovelace Park. But that was a bit too far so we doubled back and found the Skokie Sculpture Garden and enjoyed all the pieces there since our last visit.

Then we headed into downtown Evanston for luncheon. Rode along Church Street using their newly minted Protected Bike Lane. Fully 65% of the folks in that lane were traveling against traffic. It was a bit hilarious because most of them knew this was unlawful but they tried to play dumb.

I guess if their Urban Cycling Cousins are going to blow stop signs and run red lights and try to claim ethicality why shouldn’t the Evanston Salmon Squad. We will never get motorists to take us seriously until we are willing to do the same. We behave badly because of ignorance and a lack of self-respect.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 13.8 miles
Time: 2h 03m 41s