Citi Bike Rider Headed For Hospital Can’t Stop Stressing About Time Limit

By Lauren Evans
on June 12, 2013 5:57 PM

Source: Gothamist

The true injury will be to the victim's wallet.

The true injury will be to the victim’s wallet.

A second Citi Bike crash has been reported, though according to one witness, the most alarming injury wasn’t to the fallen cyclist, but his pocketbook.

According to a tipster, a man crashed his Citi Bike on Broadway and Grand Street in SoHo around 5 p.m.

“I was a block up and saw a friend who told me he just saw the guy in laying in the middle of the two lanes on Broadway just below Grand Street with pieces of the Citi Bike all over,” he wrote. “I walked up and saw the Citi Bike moved to the curb by the multiple police on the scene.”

FDNY said the victim was transported to Beth Israel, but had little info about his injuries. Apparently whatever trauma he suffered was nothing compared to his mortal fear of late fees, as our tipster overheard the injured man say, as he was being loaded into the ambulance: “But I have to dock it in the next 10 minutes!” (Late fees are $2.50 per half hour for members and $4 per half hour for 24-hour and 7-day riders.)

This is the second reported Citi Bike crash in the weeks since the program launched—the first happened on May 31 after a cyclist tried to “beat the light” at West Houston Street. The crash was not fatal.