US: A Documentary (fixie bikes)

Published on Sep 22, 2011
My very first long documentary about a group of teenagers who take up the rising trend of fixie bikes here in Los Angeles. It was a long production and the editing was rushed due to time scheduling so there are mistakes there, but it doesn’t take away from the film. They take matters in their own fixies. It’s about the how they started, why, and what makes them not stopping. Anyone who’s a fixie biker should watch this, these dudes are great people, and funny as well. They’re more than a crew who don’t look for trouble, they’re more of a family that sticks together and it’s captured here in this documentary.

I associated myself with System from the rising Hip-Hop group, Da Firm. He thought of the concept along with his younger brother, Keo Curly. He brought everyone together and they stuck together. I’m deeply grateful for this production, it was enjoyable and we all had a blast.

Their music is included here. If you’re interested in more:
Da Firm –
System –