Batavia to Oswego Toodle


Color Blast 5K Run Course Diagram

Color Blast 5K Run Course Diagram

On our way down to The Village Grind in Oswego we noted that the Fox River Trail was covered with what appeared to be vibrantly colored chalk powder at various points. It turns out that there was a 5K Run this morning called the Color Blast 5K Run. Evidently the participants got bombarded with a harmless corn powder based substance dyed with very intense primary colors. I got a chance to photograph some of the participants following the race.

What was even more thrilling was watching the street sweeper that followed the end of the race along each side of the Fox River. There were literally clouds of vibrantly colored “dust” that was thrown up into the air as it passed. What fun!

By the time we reached The Village Grind I had worked up a thirst. We enjoyed tall acai berry iced teas and freshly baked strawberry-rhubarb pie squares. Yummy!

There is a fairly steep climb from the street that connects the Fox River Trail with Oswego and as we entered town a family was standing just across from the War Memorial with the jaws dropped wondering what kinds of bikes we were riding. I must admit that the Easy Racers Gold Rush Replicas (in polished aluminum) are really stunningly bling-like.

After the ice tea and pie we stayed a few more minutes and then made our way back to “civilization“. Just kidding. The town of Oswego is a delightful place and has a very nice War Memorial to our fallen soldiers.

The trip back was fairly uneventful until we reach Aurora. Then it was made thrilling by the fact that the street sweeper was now on our side of the Fox River Trail and was headed our way. I got to the large pile of blue chalk just before it got cleared by the street sweeper.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 28.0 miles
Time: 3h 22m 51s