CTA and Metra Bike Blackouts Will Increase In Frequency and Duration

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Commuter with Brompton

Commuter with Brompton

The Old Ladies of Cycling have suddenly gotten wind of a very disturbing trend. There are increasing numbers of CTA and Metra Bike Blackouts and it has them so upset that they have taken to rinsing out their dentures at least once a day rather than once a week. The poor biddies, did they not see this coming?

The group has been led thus far by this sweetheart:

Posted by h’ 1.0 on July 4, 2013 at 12:22am
12:01 Thursday until 4 am Friday. Posted on a “memo” taped to train station attendant booth– I searched the CTA site before I left home this evening and only could find reference to June 28 and 30.
The ban is because of the huge crowds going to….
going to…..?

The group has actually set their knitting needles down and grabbed their water glasses to help revive them a bit as they have spent a fair amount of time clucking their tongues far more often and for much longer than usual:

Reply by Thunder Snow 2 hours ago
Unfortunately, yeah, no non-folding bikes today on trains (bus racks still ok). I guess Independence Day celebrates dependence on foreign oil?
“Thursday, July 04, 2013 – 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

  • Impact Level: Special Note
  • Full Description: July 4, 2013 – Independence Day Fireworks

Buy your transit in advance. Avoid long lines at vending machines and on buses after the events by purchasing your round-trip fare at the beginning of your trip.
No bikes allowed on trains. Bicycles are not permitted on trains for customers’ safety and to provide additional capacity. Bicycles are permitted on all buses, which are equipped with bike racks (max. 2/rack).
Please fold strollers and carts. All strollers and carts are required to be folded prior to boarding buses and trains between for customers’ safety and to provide additional capacity.”

And then pausing for a moment before taking her next breath we read:

Reply by Thunder Snow 1 hour ago
Let’s just say that the CTA is being cautious by banning bikes from trains for the 21.5 hours leading up to the 15 minute display at Navy Pier tonight at 9:30 (/sarcasm off).

Oh, The Dears

Sitting on the porch and knitting is a terribly difficult task at their ages. But the really difficult thing for them to grasp is simple economics. The city in the guise of CDOT is out to make more money. I know that sounds so very crass, but when you have a fleet of bicycles that you have had purchased for you by the nice “colored boy” in DC it behooves you to show that you can make a “go of it” by any means necessary.

So dear ladies have that dark-skinned fellow in the white waiters jacket standing off to the side fetch you some sandwiches and tea and I will try to explain.

Whenever you can ban the use of personal bicycles on bus and train lines you immediately create an opportunity for riders to use your new and spiffy product, the Divvy bicycle. After all if you are complaining about not being able to bring your own bicycles onto the bus or train then it would seem reasonable to assume that you meant to carry them along. But dears, at your advanced ages this is really not the best use of human capital to have those little immigrants that work for your nursing home schlepping bikes around all day. The ones you ride are heavier than usual since they are upright trikes.

And Juan has been pointing out to the head servant at the home that getting them onto the cars is really difficult because of their width. And once placed where they should be their width makes it difficult for other passengers to pass by. So dears, please take the hint from CDOT Gabe and his cronies and ride those pretty blue thingies that are sitting just outside the station.

I know that Henrieeta (she likes to call herself ‘h, she says it is evocative of “Q” that awfully clever fellow in the James Bond movies) already has a season’s pass, so she will not have to fetch any additional monies from inside her clothing where she keeps it all tucked. All she will have to do is present that darned fob thingie and be off and riding.

But Thunder Snow does bring up an interesting point. They could all ride back and forth on holidays when a bike blackout was in progress by merely purchasing and using folder bikes like the Brompton. Such a dear sweet lady for helping us find a work-around.

Oh, here come the sandwiches. Ta ta!