Here’s Why You Really Need A Folder…


Lady with Folded Brompton

Lady with Folded Brompton

Urban Cycling is a bit of a struggle. You fight traffic and you sometimes lose. But the notion is that there is a community of like-minded individuals like yourself who are helping “save the planet” and so you persevere through all sorts of weather and aggravation for the good of us all.

That’s admirable but when it comes to locking up your primary transportation automobiles are better equipped to deal with the “bad guys“. There are all sorts of tricks that you can use to lock up your bike but at the end of the day it is still exposed to theives who given enough time can angle-grind through most anything.

But do not be dismayed. You can always take your bike indoors. But you protest that your bike is heavy and you cannot get it through the revolving doors into your lobby. Well perhaps not with a standard upright bike. But what about a folding bike?

Something like a Brompton folder weighs very little and can be carried onto trains, buses and through that revolving door up to your office area and even stowed under your desk. No need to worry about it being out of your sight around the corner being stolen by some other “cyclist“.

It’s bad enough that you feel that the motoring public does not respect you. But it really, really hurts when you realize that there are other folks out there who ride bikes but also steal them for a living or perhaps just for fun. And some folks do not bother taking the entire bike, just the parts that re easy pickings.

Why give them the satisfaction? Why not be able to extend your commute to buses and trains when necessary without having to deal with train blackouts or outside bus storage? To me the only form of personal bicycle transportation that makes any sense in an urban environment is a folding bike.

Published on May 28, 2013

i know it feels like this movie has a happy ending but after i finished it with a happy ending everything fell apart and now the ending is anything but.

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