The ChainLink As Publicly Accessible And Yet A Private Playground…

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A Private Conversation

A Private Conversation

You can always count on the ChainLinkers to pose questions that boggle the mind. The fellow at the right is asking “whether his backpack is on straight?” And one has to ask if there might be other more urgent questions regarding his outfit given that he is headed to a law firm for a job interview with a person slated for a Federal judgeship.

But ChainLinkers are always a bit lacking in the “common sense” department it would seem. When Melissa asked one of them to remove an offensive and essentially homophobic comment about Lance Armstrong the fellow refused. So she removed it and closed the thread.

We Liberals are very good at examining the splinter in a Conservatives eye while apologizing for the beam in their own. So it did not surprise me when I read in this latest thread of the great offense that was taken by having the thread closed rather than at the language used.

Somehow we Liberals are of the belief that we are inoculated against things like hatred of gays, racial intolerance, gender bias and non-sustainable usage. We are more than fond of pointing out the anyone driving an SUV is wasting oil, but have no idea how to respond if a vegan asks how does a person who values sustainability even begin to think about eating meat? To that kind of question we turn loose our “Lord of the Flies” assault hoping to run the scoundrel out of town. You only have to revisit the way in which Doug Iverson was treated here a few months ago.

But see ChainLinkers who were responsible for the site at that moment decided to expunge the thread altogether. Why? It turned out that it put the actions of personal friends of the Moderator in a very bad light, and we just can’t let that sort of thing happen, now can we?

In the long run places like the ChainLink Forum will have to change. They are an eyesore and really have no place in a world where you have to “go along to get along“. This place is a veritable minefield for Liberals who want to send a message that their “Happy Talk” is the norm and not the really mean stuff you have heard about.

Well frankly, the “mean stuff” really is the norm. And the guy who served as Chief Moderator is as guilty as anyone for allowing this sort of thing to fester and became the norm. People like him fill the heads of impressionable folks with the ideas of “shitholes” and the like and turn them loose to act like the surrogates they are. There is little difference between that kind of situation and a young person being recruited to do something horrible and despicable all in the name of 72 virgins and an endless supply of honey.

We need to clean this place up for no other reason than that it will one day be necessary to ask for membership fees. People who pay fees are a bit touchier about the kind of environment in which they operate. If it is free then folks act as if it is a bathroom wall that they are scribbling on rather than the Chicago face of Urban Cycling. And that prospect is daunting.

We are running a forum that has all the verbal earmarks of the gang shootings that go on in this town. It is not a place that I could recommend to someone from Europe as a great place to read about how inviting we as a people are. Were I a school teacher with a class of junior high school students (or younger) how on Earth would I justify having this site be assigned reading? At the very least the scumbag portions of the forum need to be behind some sort of password protection.

And I for one would heartily unendorsed any group like the Active Transportation Alliance or League of Illinois Bicyclists that did not take an active hand in trying to get this place cleaned up. But the first order of business is to make this a members pay situation. After that things may just change for the better.

Where Is Our Money Going?

As one of the correspondents in the threads on this latest fracas put it, “where is the donation money going?” Something on the order of $15K was donated and yet all that seems to have happened is that a couple of Moderators have had the temerity to ask the brutish behavior to end and then to have their backs stabbed by the forum ownership who cannot help but bend to the will of the 500 hard core members, because no doubt the other 9,000 supposed members are about as real as the proverbial Chicago voters.

Chicago ChainLink Forum Is Broken!

Chicago ChainLink Forum Is Broken!

I for one expect to have daily updates on what exactly is going on with this money. I know that the folks involved in this latest kerfuffle are probably more interested in knowing the names and shoe sizes of all the Moderators, but who really cares? I would much rather know what is going on with the supposed upgrade of the site? At present it looks as if money was taken and nothing has happened since. Is that smoke I feel being blown up my skirt?

By the way is my backpack on straight?