Swedish Days Weekend Ride 2013


ICE Trike Ride - Fox River Trail

ICE Trike Ride – Fox River Trail

Hot was the best way to describe the weather today. Bright, sunny and hot! When we reached the Batavia Police Parking Lot it was already climbing into what must have been the high 80s or lower 90s. I thought about parking in what little shade there was in the parking lot but that was reserved for police officers. Bummer!

With the bikes unpacked and all the gear ready we made a quick pit stop and then crossed on the Fox River Trail to the west side of the river. Plenty of runners, rider and walker with pets were out and about. It was a bit after 10 AM and we made our way north to Geneva.

At the Fabyan Windmill Park we crossed over again to the east side of the river, turning left and continued north. As we approached Island Park in Geneva the crowds grew larger. But we pressed on reaching 6th Avenue and detouring onto it to avoid the rather steep climb just north of Roosevelt Road.

By the time we reached Tekakwitha Park it was time for another pit stop. Then it was a controlled descent down to the best in the Fox River and into South Elgin. We ran into a couple of recumbent riders along the trail at the Seba Park. One was sporting an ICE Trike and the other a well-used Easy Racers Tour Easy.

Both of these riders spend a good deal of time on the trail and knew it backwards and forwards. We know the trail (although I had not ridden the Stearns Road marsupial bridge just south of this park) but I was soon to have the pleasure. Just north of South Elgin the “rollers” begin. Nasty little ups and downs that really require a steady hand and nerves of steel. But that did not last long as we encountered the trail closure that the two recumbent riders had mentioned.

We went around it and then decided not to bother with the remainder of the ride up past Elgin. So we took streets all the way back to Stearns Road and crossed the bridge and headed back along the Fox River Trail to our van. The climbing had definitely done a number on my knees. But it was fun to have seen parts of the trail we had not seen in years. (too much Chicago riding in the past couple of years).

Our last stop before reaching the van was the Starbucks on North Avenue in St. Charles. Ice coffees hit the spot and we chatted with a fellow who wanted to know all about our bikes. It turns out he had a bike too. Only his was $55K of shiny red metal! Be sure you see the photos in the gallery . This is one really sweet bike.

Turns out he was also a Wheaton College graduate but had been there a few years before either of us. It was fun “comparing notes“.

Swedish Days Weekend Ride 2013 from Beezodog’s Place on Vimeo.


Cyclometer Info

Distance: 28.7 miles
Time: 3h 31m 27s