Blackhawk’s Game 5 Weekend Toodle


Divvy Station - Daley Plaza

Divvy Station – Daley Plaza

This is definitely a weekend where the weather is more summer-like than it has been of late. We drove down to the UIC and parked and headed out to scavenge the Loop. Our first stop was Dearborn Street PBL to check how the drainage is going. It isn’t. You really have to wonder whether there should not be a different solution to the PBL than what they have in place just now. Supposedly there is relief on its way.

The tourists are out in force today on the PBL. I am guessing that the Blackhawk’s Game 5 drama is what is making the crowds grow. All over the Loop the Divvy stations have begun to appear. Even in Little Italy we saw stations there last night along Loomis. And today we saw another over near Morgan on our return from the Chicago Fire station #51.

In front of the Daley Center was a nicely appointed station with about two dozen slots for bikes. And another set of these were a block or so over behind the Main Post Office. We had been in sculpture capture mode today and so we dined at Native Foods Cafe in the Loop.

Our waiter is someone whom we have known for many months before he transferred down to this site. We got caught up with his transfer and then we told him about the new Divvy station coming in around the block from the cafe. He seemed interested, but balked at the idea that you could get fined if you missed each 30-minute period. I smiled and nodded assent. The 30-minute period seems too short. Even New York gets 45-minutes. But we all agreed that 60-minutes seemed more appropriate. Nevertheless the idea of being able to use the bikes for $7 per day and only $72 annually seemed attractive. We will see.

This particular cafe is nicer than the one in Wicker Park. But like most places in the Loop it is closed on Sunday. We took off after our salads and circled the Loop looking for sculptures. This town is really something. If you like sculpture there is a great deal to study. But even the architecture is world-class. Next trip out I will be hunting buildings as well.

We stopped an chatted up a few folks as we rode around. Even the manager of the cafe was really eager to learn more about the Easy Racers Gold Rush Replicas that we ride. I think it is the gleaming polished aluminum frame that beckons the eyes. Back on the UIC Campus yet another middle-aged black female was agog at the bikes and said as much (unsolicited). A young Asian man (obviously a student) was also furtively glancing at the bikes. I told Connie that these bikes really make you smile, both on and off them.

On the way home we made one last stop for coffee before taking the highway home. Our just beyond Hillside there was an amazing crash to be witnessed. Two compact cars were thrown up against the wall separating the two sides of the highway. Both were completely turned around facing west! I had not idea how they had managed that feat. The traffic approaching their location was backed up for a few miles.

But even beyond the crash the Blackhawk’s Game 5 traffic was inching along all the way to Damen. It was a nice weekend to be out and about.

Blackhawk’s Game 5 Weekend Toodle from Beezodog's Place on Vimeo.

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