Bicyclist Runs Red Light, Gets Smashed by Taxi Cab

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Posted by JM 6.5 on June 19, 2013 at 9:05am
DC has a group ride called “DC Bike Party”, similar to critical mass where a bunch of cyclists meet up to ride en masse through the city. There are so many bad stereotypes of bikers being reinforced in this video.
The Founder and Head Organizer of DC Bike Party commented on the video and the behavior of the bikers:

Yes this happened WHILE DC Bike Party was happening, but you might notice in the video that there really isn’t even evidence of a massive group ride going on– that is because these guys were speeding up in front of the ride marshals and disobeying the rules. It’s extremely unfortunate, and I hope he is alright, but this is what happens when you act like a jerk, and it just plain isn’t representative of the 600 plus people who rode with bike party last week and had a great time.

One respondent wrote:

Stop On Red Light Warning

Stop On Red Light Warning

Reply by kiltedcelt 6 hours ago
The difference between Bike Party and any Critical Mass is that under Bike Party rules, all bikes stay in the proper lane of travel and they don’t ride through red lights, or cork intersections. It’s sorta like Critical Mass but less dickish. I kinda wish there was Bike Party here versus CCM. I’ve ridden CCM a few times and I still have very mixed feelings about the sort of message it sends.

Reply by h’ 1.0 5 hours ago
Critical Mass is essentially a rolling party where we celebrate cycling. Any imagined message that it may send is just that-imagined.
In regard to your bike party “rules”– I watched the video and I am having a hard time reconciling it with the rules as you’re describing. Was the video altered in some way?

If Critical Mass is a celebration of the kind of cycling that includes pissing off motorists and freaking out pedestrians and their pets, then yes, it is a celebration.

Reply by kiltedcelt 2 hours ago
Read the original comment h’ – the poster mentions these guys were a bunch of tools riding out ahead of the Bike Party ride disobeying the spirit of Bike Party. The one thing I remember about one of the CCM rides I went on was how badly the ride inconveniences some people – in this case pedestrians. There was a guy who got caught in the vanguard of the “mass celebration of bicycling” with his two dogs, apparently one of which was seriously freaked out by the whole thing. I have this indelible image burned into my memory of this frantic dog owner trying to get across the street with two dogs (not exactly small either), one of which he was having to try to carry. I felt right then like I should have turned around and gone back and helped him and apologized for the asshole behavior of the hundreds of riders who wouldn’t let him pass. I still regret not going back to this day. It’s shit like that which makes me think that CCM and any similar ride is nothing more than a bunch of self-serving, selfish dicks tooling around the whole city yelling “Happy Friday” at lots of people who don’t seem to be pleased about the experience at all. From what I’ve read, Bike Party does a lot of what CM does – namely show motorists cyclists en masse without severely inconveniencing other road users. A more polite and less in-your-face version of “mass” as it were.

Everyone including the willfully ignorant knows the Critical Mass is understood as a “chance to get even” for all of the “wrongs” endured by cyclists the previous month. Any attempt to look clueless and sound even more so in print is simply subterfuge. My take on the practice is that rings more of the stupid and pointless nudity of the World Naked Bike Ride than it mimics the likes of the Open Streets celebrations. “In your face” demonstrations are better left to the Junior High School segment of your development than continued well past the time that a thong looks oddly vulgar on a 30-something butt.

We are more like aging hippies who after nearly 50 years of tie-dyed dress and shoulder length hair and bell bottom jeans are still trying to “keep it real” between bouts of onset dementia and extremely painful arthritis. Not a pretty sight. There is not a chance in Hades that the Urban Cycling movement will ever really get to chance to grow old gracefully.