Are The Rules of the Road Merely Suggestions?

Are the Rules of the Road, merely suggestions?

Are the Rules of the Road, merely suggestions?

Cyclists appear to have their own understandings of the Rules of the Road. The trend of viewing the Rules of the Road as merely suggestions is growing. Even club level leaders have adopted this approach to honoring traffic signals because it gives them “cover” when riding in pelotons through otherwise heavily populated streets in suburbs and cities on weekends.

They do not consider themselves bound by the same restrictions as automobiles. The quote below represents what is probably most commonly observed amongst urban and club-level riders these days.

My question is what becomes of street safety if each transportation segment unilaterally decide for themselves how they will interpret traffic controls?

Would you feel safer if every automobile driver decided to never stop at stop signs unless he thought it was worthwhile to do so?

What would be your reaction to having automobiles, stop at red lights and then proceed on their own if they thought the could do so?