Gopro, Manhattan-NYC Bike Ride

Uploaded on Dec 9, 2011
Bicycle ride around midtown.

New York City, Bike Ride, Gopro, Bike, Fix gear, fixie, traffic, occupy wall street, wolf and lamb, riding, ridi, time square, grand central, Manhattan.


Yep. GoPro cameras have about 170º angles of view when set up in usual mode. So your typical action camera footage looks quite exciting as a rider passes between vehicles. But I can almost guarantee that some of this footage is showing him passing between vehicles with less than the 3-Feet margin he wishes them to use. Cyclists can be quite hypocritical in this regard. But take a look a the kinds of risks he is taking and then keep in mind that this is all being done on a fixed gear bike the might well (if he is a purist) no brakes!

And we wonder why motorists and police are not more respectful of us. We make the proverbial squirrel and chipmunks look like nervous biddies.