Father’s Day Toodle to Cedars of Lebanon 2013


18th Street Underpass Leading to Soldier Field

18th Street Underpass Leading to Soldier Field

Great weather today! Sunny and warm. Rode down to 18th Street and then over to the Chicago Lakefront Trail. This route puts you in just at Soldier Field, where today there was some sort of very loud and raucous competition going on. I take it from the number of teenagers that it might have been a cheerleading competition or something of that nature. Very high energy.

Our first stop was the 31st Boat Harbor where there are washrooms and playground and a very nice tranquil rooftop park all in one location. The In-Water Boat Show was in full swing today. We were going to turn around at this point but decided to give Promontory Point a shot.

The Point was quite full of visitors walking and cooking out and generally enjoying the summer-like weather. I always enjoy the sculptures placed around the loop of the promontory. I noticed a half dozen other photographers out capturing what they could of these wonderful objects of art.

Then taking the underpass we headed inland to the 55th Street and Woodlawn Starbucks and then headed a bit north to reach the Cedars of Lebanon restaurant for carry out. The luncheon we decided on was the falafel sandwich plate with a side salad. And then it was back up Woodlawn street (me carrying the food) to the Starbucks where we bought iced teas and ate our repast on their newly installed deck. Very trendy looking in bright yellow.

After our luncheon we headed back along the Chicago Lakefront Trail this time into the Museum Campus a bit north of where we had put in earlier. Harrison Street would be our normal route back to Halsted but like a good deal of the Loop area it too is under reconstruction. We got stuck taking Wabash Street north trying to reach Van Buren when we noticed that it turns into a one-way street heading south!

What was really confusing was the fact that a bike taxi actually headed up the street against the traffic! These pedicabs are pretty wide so it was interesting to watch him ply this craft between the elevated track pillars and the parked cars. Back on Dearborn we eventually made our way to Harrison and back to our van.

Fathers Day Ride 2013 from Beezodog's Place on Vimeo.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 21.0 miles
Time: 2h 33m 20s