‘Closing Rates’ Can Kill You!


One member of my bicycle club no longer has to be admonished about “casually approaching stop signs” or even “rolling through them“. She nearly lost her life. Proof even that suburban bicycle clubs have this silly creeping arrogance regarding what is “ethical and illegal” simultaneously. Now the problem is made even more difficult by the fact that so-called leaders in these clubs are providing their support for the Randy Cohen approach to cycling.

Is There Ever A Time When We Just Have To 'Do The Right Thing'?

Is There Ever A Time When We Just Have To ‘Do The Right Thing’?

Now those of you who read this blog already know that I have not patience with all the bullshit that passes as wisdom amongst cyclists. You have people in bicycle clubs who strongly advise against riding on trails when they are muddy because you will harm the ecosystem. This is not an issue of legality but merely a wish that cyclists do no harm.

And in the same breathe these pompous hypocrites try to tell the gullible amongst them that “staying alert” when riding through stop signs and stop lights is all that is really required when riding in a peloton through someone else’s hometown at breakneck speed in heavily trafficked areas of the downtown. What really irks me is that these same pompous fools when hearing about this young lady’s near miss with death or certain injury blame her situation on having been gullible enough to believe the call by riders ahead of her in the peloton that all was “clear“.

The “clear” call is not the problem. What is the problem is the insistence by riders in pelotons that they find a way to avoid having to step while keeping their heart rates high. Folks I would rather have my heart rate drop back to normal that never climb above zero ever again. Bike club leaders need to be censured for even thinking to espouse this kind of riding.

What on earth is going on here?

Practice Silence Not Bullshit

Practice Silence Not Bullshit