Father’s Day Weekend Ride 2013


Connie Striking A Thoughtful Pose

Connie Striking A Thoughtful Pose

The weather was cloudy and sprinkling at the outset of our ride. But before we got much further than Starbucks on Taylor Street the weather was drying up a bit. We rode quietly along the route that leads north on Paulina to just beyond the train overpass and then we took Woods the rest of the way to Milwaukee Avenue. We entered it about a block and a half south of the restaurant and ate alfresco when we reached it.

We met a lady who was intensely interested in the bikes and says that having spent a very long time in recuperation from an illness is looking to get back on a bike and healthy once again. She tried out Connie’s seat and we gave her names of the bike models and the company that makes them. Perhaps she will take my advice and visit the Wheel and Sprocket Store in Evanston (where she lives).

On our way back we rode the Dearborn Street PBL and visited with a group of thousands of volunteers from various neighborhood organizations. This was a vastly bigger crowd than the Bike To Work Week group ever has been.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 10.3 miles
Time: 1h 25m 36s