Lies! I Tell You Lies!

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Dearborn Street Scofflaw Figures from the CDOT

Dearborn Street Scofflaw Figures from the CDOT

It has become “chic” these days to say that you waited for the red light to turn green. Take for instance this report of one of our own “Doing the Right Thing“:

Reply by Duppie 13.5185km 15 minutes ago
Good things come to those who wait for red lights.
At Lincoln/Halsted/Fullerton I waited for the light to turn green. Two individuals came up behind and blew right thru it. Then all of a sudden a guy in a Clif jersey stepped out into the street and handed me two Clif bars. We exchanged pleasantries and by that time the light turned green. Not bad…

I was ready to believe this report of yet another Chicago ChainLink Forum member following the “Rules of the Road” until he offered up a “needless, shameless lie” about two of our “brothersblowing through a red light! Gasp!

Lies! I tell you Lies!

This is Chicago. We have always been known to wait for red lights to turn green before proceeding. I offer up clear and irrefutable visual “proof” that this sort of grand-standing report is no doubt been offered up by an “Urban Cyclist Hater“:

Oops! Wait! Let Me Explain

Sorry. That was a simple clerical error. My assistant gave me the URL of an obvious scofflaw. Here’s one that better displays what I was talking about:

Aargh! Gonna have to find a new assistant. This is entirely explainable. It was taken a couple of seasons ago before everyone starting riding in a well-behaved manner. Here’s a better one…

Well, at least it had nice musical accompaniment right?