Is Jeff Schneider Unaware Of The Hypocrisy Of His Rant?

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Reply by Jeff Schneider 6 hours ago
A year later, Beezodog is still at it. His blog has many recent posts that are essentially comments from the CL forum, taken out of context and ridiculed. He clearly likes to engage in personal attacks – but only from a safe distance.
It would be nice if he felt like participating – in a civil way – in the discussions he now only follows from afar. He might have something worthwhile to say, if he could muster up the courage to say it here.

This was the charge leveled at me a few days ago. Since then the ChainLink has had a unique chance to display the kind of ‘civility‘ that many think is appropriate. One of these responses is memorialized here:

Chicago ChainLink Forum  "Civility In Action"

Chicago ChainLink Forum
“Civility In Action”

I suppose since this came right upon the heels of the thread resurrected by Jeff the newly minted forum guardians tried to have this remark toned down a bit. But the ‘damage‘ was done. As of this writing the thread where this appeared has about 557 replies going back to September 2, 2011 at 5:50pm. The essence of this thread is to in fact “rant“.

Quite a bit of the ranting is aimed at drivers of automobiles. But you can find rants on pedestrians and cyclists alike. And what is striking about this thread is that it serves the exact same purpose in the exact same was as do the blog entries I have write about the ChainLink Crowd. And as far as I can tell there are no rejoinders from the folks being yelled at. It is all being done “from a safe distance“.

There is one big difference however and that is my participation in the forum was curtailed by the administrators for evidently confronting some of its members. And yet Jeff thinks that I am the one who is in hiding? Nothing could be further from the truth. Never in the course of anything I have written while participating in the ChainLink Forum did I ever written something as offensive as Serge did. And yet I am asked to be on my best behavior and to show civility. Obviously there is a disconnect between what members in good standing can say and those that have been banned.

As For Mustering Up Courage

What really needs to happen is probably that the ChainLink Forum gives up this particular thread on “missed connections“. If the notion of someone making remarks without benefit of rejoinder is offensive to folks like Jeff then perhaps you can persuade the forum managers to act in accordance with that view.

Melissa and Chi Lowe can close down the “missed connection” thread and suggest that in future people find blogs of their own in which to deliver rants that include calling people “whores“. Just sayin’.