Are ChainLinkers ‘Elitist’ or ‘Arrogant’ or both?

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So once again the “cradle of civilization” gets rocked by the vaunted wisdom of yet another ChainLinkknow-it–all‘. Keep in mind that this week is being set aside to get people in the frame of mind to give cycling a try as yet another mode of transportation. It’s a simple idea and that might be the problem. Sometimes things that are much to straightforward for Urban Cyclists really chafes their nether regions. I have offered advice on various balms, but nothing seems to work for someone whose entire body is essentially an anal orifice. Oh, well.

[Rant] Can anyone think of a stupider way to recognize Bike to Work week than…
Posted by h’ 1.0 on June 11, 2013 at 12:31pm

having spin classes at Cloudgate?

ChainLinkers are not happy unless you are dressed either in skinny jeans (guys) wearing a nose ring and a calf tattoo or a dirty, fading Diane von Furstenberg over unshaved legs (gals). So anything that sounds remotely like it could be either suburban or urbane is a bit off-putting. I guess this crowd has never heard of the idea of doing indoor training work in preparation for riding outdoors.

Maybe that strategy hasn’t caught on in the Church of Urban Cycling the way it has all over the suburbs, where not only are people training indoors all winter long, but then having competitions in early spring in a series of indoor time trials.

Reply by Skip Montanaro 12mi 6 hours ago
Bike To Nowhere week?
My commute takes me past a spin studio in Evanston. It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would want to ride a stationary bike indoors except in the worst of weather conditions.

News Flash! As yet there has never been a ghost bike or the need for a memorial to a fallen rider as the result of training indoors on a stationary bike. Just saying.

Reply by h’ 1.0 6 hours ago
To clarify– I like Spinning and have actually been a bona-fide hunky-dory Johhny G Certified Spinning instructor in the past …. it just seems to be such a complete non-sequitur in the context of a week that’s supposed to be aimed at getting people to choose the bicycle as their transportation.

Howard Kaplan you crack me up! Every time a person is critical of Urban Cyclist behavior and tries to explain that they too are cyclists, you folks guffaw at their attempt to explain themselves. So why the heck are you sir, pulling the same thing in reverse? I guess the urge to try an mitigate the harsh words is a common trait even in the “elite” of cycling?

Reply by Lisa Curcio 6.5 mi 6 hours ago
You’re right! I think the yoga class (that I never made it down to 🙁 ) made more sense.

Well, you cannot fault the elderly members of this population for trying to sound hep too.

Reply by Beans 6 hours ago
non alcoholic beer, decaffeinated coffee, porn, sugar free anything, etc…
what’s the point?

Cutifly does this sort of thing “better“. What’s the point?

Reply by Michael A 5 hours ago
a spin bike is bike to work week for the unemployed

Frankly, the demographics of these things suggests that the well-paid highly employed are the ones to gravitate towards these indoor bikes.

Reply by Anne Alt 5 hours ago
Good one!


Reply by Tony Adams 7 mi (dirtbag hipstr) 5 hours ago
Absolutely. Perhaps it should be renamed Bike to Live Week.

If nothing else we should check whether an out-of-work comedian would agree to work with this crowd on their timing or whatever.

Reply by David crZven 10.6 5 hours ago
Lots of stupider ways..

  • Free Car Parking at the office for Bike to Work Week.
  • Discount Gas prices for commuters
  • Closing the LFP to celebrate Bike to Work Week
  • Start charging for Bike Services at a purportedly public facility that used to be provided for free
  • Ride around without clothing on in order to make sure that Bicyclists are considered to be normal members of the community.

Ouch! Now that is what I call a chop to the solar plexus. Right on!

Reply by notoriousDUG 5 hours ago

Skip Montanaro 12mi said:
It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would want to ride a stationary bike indoors except in the worst of weather conditions.

Doug, you are in jeopardy of losing your membership. Tread lightly.

Reply by Michael A 5 hours ago
It may come as a shock to some of you, but all different kinds of people use bikes for other things then to just get to work. A spin class is a very effective way to get in shape in a controlled setting. You will get a much better workout on a spin bike in an hour with a good instructor then 99% of you could ever get outdoors in 2-3 hours. I Just will never get how people here feel the need to categorize other riders. If you wear spandex your a “lance” if you ride a fixed gear your a “hipster” MTB’ers are “dirtbags” Can’t you just be happy that all these people share a common interest??? It is just a bike ride, get over yourself.

Well said!

Reply by Melissa 2 hours ago
Can anyone think of a…
way to express dislike for something without claiming it is universally bad, simply because it does not align with your personal taste or objectives? And in the process, avoid insulting the people who create, promote, and enjoy those things? Ready, go.
Here is an example: As a long-time bicycle commuter, it seemed ironic to me at first that one of the activities offered during Chicago Bike Week involves riding a stationary bike, because the week-long event was formerly named Bike to Work Week and predominantly emphasized riding to a particular destination. However, I am smart enough to recognize that providing a broad array of cycling-related activities creates inroads to participation for a greater number of people, thereby increasing engagement in cycling in Chicago overall.
Or something like that 😉

Melissa, you are the bomb! Keep plugging along. Someday your epitaph may include the fact that you were able to put a dent in the ethos of this crowd. On the other hand maybe not…

Reply by h’ 1.0 1 hour ago
Sounds nice, but it doesn’t really line up with what I’m trying to express.

And maybe not lining up with your perception is a good thing.

It would be oh so very nice to have more of the indoor cycling crowd take over the conversations from this clique.