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It must have been a very slow Friday. It would seem that one of the ChainLink Crowd has decided to openly refer to this site. I’m a bit surprised because they come here by the dozens every single hour of the day and quite a few either have email subscriptions to the compilation we post each day or they try and “stay off the radar” by using an RSS Feed Reader. It takes all the fun out of “poking the dragon” when its stops resorting to the “silent treatment” reserved for the likes of John Kass. I guess I must have “fallen from grace” and deserve the kind of treatment they have been dishing out to the folks who have defended the humanity of the driver involved in the fatal collision with Bobby Cann.

The first response was this:

Reply by Jeff Schneider 6 hours ago
A year later, Beezodog is still at it. His blog has many recent posts that are essentially comments from the CL forum, taken out of context and ridiculed. He clearly likes to engage in personal attacks – but only from a safe distance.
It would be nice if he felt like participating – in a civil way – in the discussions he now only follows from afar. He might have something worthwhile to say, if he could muster up the courage to say it here.



Yep. I’m still at it. I guess that “kicking sand in the face of bullies” is too much fun to stop now. The only reason that I am not engaging with the ChainLink Crowd directly is not because of any “safe distance” needed. On the contrary I suppose you folks needed it otherwise why kill my account?

Chicago ChainLink Forum  "Civility In Action"

Chicago ChainLink Forum
“Civility In Action”

Reply by Serge Lubomudrov 1 hour ago
To a young lady in the dark blue SUV, who made the right turn west to Wrightwood from Racine around 4 p.m. yesterday. Not only you broke the law by failing to stop on the STOP sign, by turning right in front of me you did it again, you fucking whore!

As far as “civility” is concerned that one suggestion made me laugh. Your most recent skirmish with people who do not “bow to your demands for group think” was anything but “civil“. Time and again the ChainLink proves that it knows how to perform the Internet Mob Action but seems hurt when anyone hits back. Get over yourselves.

What you guys need is stop trying to belittle people like Doug Iverson (assuming his was a real persona) and that might go a long way to allowing people whose views differ from yours to feel comfortable “engaging” with you. It’s easy to gang up on a single individual in most instances. I happen to be very different.

I despise with a very deep passion racists who are unaware of their condition. And you have a good number of them wriggling around on your Forum. These are the kinds of people who are willing to call sections of town “shitholes” but get exercised when someone digs at the ChainLink Forum. Again get over yourselves and collectively grow a pair. The days of the plantation are over.

But unlike many of the folks you have run off this reservation I have a reservation of my very own. It has been up and running in one form or another for almost 40 years. So you guys picked a fight with the “wrong nigger“.

So How Come Your Thread Got 86-ed?

Another one of the ChainLinkers gave her response:

Reply by Zoetrope 5 hours ago
I recently started a thread here about one of his posts.Melissa deleted it within a minute.Basically it was a pretty imaginative and harsh critique of the Chainlink and I wanted to see what people thought.
His favorite targets seem to be h’ and Gabe. I didn’t know he got so personal and vindictive in a lot of his stuff until I continued reading older posts. Using people’s first and last names when they clearly don’t want that info out there is a sad and twisted thing to do. Sounds like you are involved in a war with this dude. Was it worth it?

All that I can say is that you perhaps have not got the “pull” needed to keep your thread on the site. Assuming it did not simply “roll off” (blogs have a way of making that happen) you really need to find out why you might have been censured. I do not doubt that it could have happened, but why would any group that prides itself in being an “open and free thinking assembly” deprive you of your right to offer up whatever you wish?

I can think of quite a few threads which should never have been allowed to “see the light of day” simply because they were so “uncivil” that even the participants said as much. It got so nasty that I began to think that this must be a “put up job“. You like to offer up the notion that your responses are just “internet fun“. Well I suspect that few of your correspondents understand the nature of your sense of humor.

And perhaps that is what makes this forum so very frustrating. It can go from the sublime to the ridiculous in a heartbeat. The problem is that when the “group think” sets in. Going forward everyone has decided that the person is either being a troll or otherwise not “pro-cycling“. That would be like assuming that because someone voted for a law that you did not support that they were somehow “un-American“.

I Came Across This Strange Message From Melissa to Diego Rael

Evidently someone using the account name Diego Rael left something which Melissa decided to 86. Here are the two remnants of that exchange. The original posted message had been eliminated.

Reply by Melissa 12 hours ago
Mod request that you please remove this post. I hear your frustration regarding the incident, however we ask that you please do not use The Chainlink Community forum for negative hate rants, profanity, and threats of violence. Please use the forum for productive means. Content like this creates a serious barrier for The Chainlink Community’s obtaining needed support, financial and otherwise. Thank you.

Reply by Deet 4.5mi 12 hours ago
thank you melissa, this is no place for threats

It would have been submitted some time today. Zoetrope was this the message you attempted to post earlier? If so are you using more than one account to post your messages? Thanks to Melissa for keeping the lid on this ChainLink Forum with respect to this sort of thing.

You Are Welcome To Comment On Any Thread I Create

Reply by Serge Lubomudrov 2 hours ago
I vaguely remember this thread, but would not recall it if not for a former (recently) member, who just this morning sent me a link to this Beezodog’s site, describing him being “driven out” of the Chainlink. As I’ve never before posted on this thread, I haven’t seen that beezybody’s site, either. Happy to say, all of his Chainlink-related entries have 0 comments.

Well I see that the “old geezer” awoke and is commenting on lack of comments. You kind of remind me of another ChainLinker who desperately wanted to respond to a thread but never did. I got the sense that people were less willing to exchange when they were not “on their own turf“. So why not simply fire away just as you guys are doing now with as much venom as you normally reserve for people who disagree with you.

I’ll keep reading and commenting and everyone will be happy. We can all behave as if we were competing groups demonstrating outside a convention center but kept apart by police so that we shouted at one another across the street. That appears to be what the ChainLink is most comfortable with. Why else would you kill someone’s account and then ask why they are no longer conversing with that account. Seems kinda silly to me to even ask such a question.

It Takes Real Courage To Say What You Think

Another of the denizens of this ship wrote:

Reply by Gabe 7 hours ago
Was surprised to see this thread back. Breezedog is a coward. I havent been on his lil blog in ages and havent seen him on a ride in just as long. He can go on pretending to be a city cyclist while out in the far flung burbs.

On the subject of cowardice I can only offer your own words to you:

Reply by Gabe 2 hours ago
You wanna go over to his house and pee on his garage?

This is the brave taunt you delivered to Doug Iverson in conjunction with notoriousDUG. When I read this it seemed very sad that someone your age would have that sort of notion about “courage“. And unless I miss my guess more than half the folks who show up to help support Active Transportation Alliance at its fundraising drives are cyclists who live in the suburbs. And yes we are cyclists, despite some misguided notion that one has to live in the city to be a cyclist.

I was born and raised in Chicago so I am hardly new to the place. And no I never learned as evidently you did to pee on people’s garages. How on earth does anyone from this group think that there’s is a “civil and intellectually honest environment for cyclists“?. You keeping proving the contrary at every turn.