How we wait for red lights

Submitted by lcrandell
on Fri, 06/07/2013 – 2:45pm

Source : Active Transportation Alliance

Waiting for the Red Light to change...

Waiting for the Red Light to change…

With more people biking every day and the city investing more in safer bike lanes, it’s important for people who bike to demonstrate good behavior on our streets and to follow the rules of the road.

We know there are already a lot of people biking who show excellent behavior out there, and we’ve teamed up with photographer Steven E. Gross to take a look at how Chicagoans are waiting at red lights on Dearborn Street.

We love the new bike traffic signals on Dearborn. Literally lit up with a bicycle symbol, they’re like a welcome sign for biking in the Loop, recognizing and legitimizing bike traffic.

They’re also an important safety feature to reduce conflicts been people biking and driving. (We can’t wait to see the new bike signal installed at Milwaukee and Elston soon to improve safety at that intersection!) As a piece of infrastructure, bike traffic signals are significant in that they unmistakably speak directly to people biking.

We’ve noticed that designing a street to acknowledge the presence of people using the roadway is a good way to increase compliance with the rules of the road.

We enjoy seeing how everyone has a different way of waiting for red lights. Here’s a snapshot. How do you wait for red lights?

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Now this is the sort of cycling information/education that I expected when my membership was mailed in. Congratulations on attempt to overcome the sometimes careless attitudes of Urban Cyclists with something that is uplifting and light-hearted. Motorists and newbie cyclists alike need to know that the larger Cycling Community is in favor of adhering to the Rules of the Road.