Fox River Trail Ride : GoPro Hero 3 Inaugural Ride


Fox River Nature Center Weather Rock

Fox River Nature Center Weather Rock

Sunny and with a bit of wind is how you would describe today. Temperatures were in the mid to upper 60s. The Fox River Trail is alive with flora and fauna, even the two-legged kind, some astride bikes.

Lots of children out with parents and folks walking dogs. Lots of joggers and cyclists plying their way up and down the river’s trail on either side.

When we reached Geneva the trail it turns out was opened beyond the marsupial bridge.

When we returned to Batavia I offloaded my GoPro Hero 3 camera from its position on my helmet and got ready to head out again this time to the south. We spotted a couple walking their Rans Screamer tandem along the boardwalk area.

It was a lovely orange color with S&S couplers to allow the frame to be dismantled for packing in a shipping situation (e.g. airplane trips). It even had nice Aerospoke wheels! What a sweet ride.

There were lots of details that made this a special bike. Even the stoker had a small footrest just behind the captain’s seat to allow her to rest her feet during intensive city traffic maneuvering when it was better for the sake of the captain that she not be pedaling.

On the way back from the southern end of the trail we stopped at the Fox River Trail Nature Center to use their bathroom facilities. Outside is the rock with a card explaining its purpose as the Weather Rock!

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 19.0 miles
Time: 2h 13m 38s