Mike P Skidding on the fixed gear

Published on Jun 6, 2013
Skidding and whatnot


On the ChainLink the rider writes:

Heres a video on my skids. I’d like some pointers on how to improve them.
Posted by Michael Perez on June 6, 2013 at 10:59pm

His responses were:

Reply by Michael Perez 6 hours ago
Switch the settings to 480p to watch it in better quality

Reply by Michael A 2 hours ago
How can you afford any PBR if you have to replace your tires weekly?

Reply by Haddon 2 hours ago
Show off, nice.


Yeah, at this age I suppose that the question of how to provide new tires and buy beer looms large. But the better question would be how do you plan to stop in the event of an eminent “Door Zone” collision without losing control and sliding under the wheels of a semi truck bearing down on your left? You really cannot do much under those circumstances so be prepared to offer up your own personal “ghost bike“. Then have the Faithful of the Church of Urban Cycling hold a vigil in which the evil motorists are castigated for having the temerity to open their driver’s side doors while you are “hauling ass” through the “Door Zone” on a bike with no brakes.

So very much of the tragedy that befalls bicyclists is of their own making. But failing some either “education” or “re-education” the needless slaughter will continue. I just wish that the Cycling Community had the guts to show some “Tough Love” before the deaths rather than crying crocodile tears after each body is interred.