The Single Most Important Reason Cyclists Do Not Wish To Be Licensed

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Reply by Anika 7 hours ago

Thanks to the dude in the light blue BMW convertible who cut off our entire family while we were passing a stopped bus on Courtland just west of Ashland. When we arrived side by side at Damen to make turns in opposite directions I totally called you out with a “Thanks for cutting us off dude” because you’re an ass. Your response of “your welcome. You all deserve to die” seems hardly suitable to say to my two and 6 year old.

The joys of family biking.

Reply by Gabe 2 hours ago

Anika, please please please get a plate next time. I know it’s tough to think of but would be nice to post.

Urban Cyclists Are Only Content To Blame – Never Accepting Blame

Gabe (left) pictured with a celebrity.

Gabe (left) pictured with a celebrity.

If you read through this forum you will learn that cyclists have any number of reasons to hate writers like John Kass. He keeps remarking that they need to pay for the privileges of having new bicycle infrastructure and should join the rest of humanity in being licensed to “drive” our vehicles on the roadways.

Whenever this sort of thing comes up people start waxing eloquent about their Constitutional Rights and other blather. In fact some claim that the cost of merely collecting registration fees for the licensing would cost more than the money collected. And then there are the issues of people who have more than one bike. Well of course those people would have to purchase multiple licenses and the fee would have to be pegged at a price point sufficient to cover the posts of the licensing effort.

But all of these reasons are not the real reason bicyclists would hate to have a license. That reason is that like motorcyclists and scooter owners a license plate would be the logical thing to accompany the registration. And what would that mean, a loss of anonymity.

If cyclists can be identified on an individual basis it would mean that their behavior could be captured on video as with any motor vehicle and their violations reported. It would mean that as Gabe points out those videos and pictures could be plastered all over the internet as proof that a specific person did something untoward. And that would sting.