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Here is an excellent example of why Urban Cycling is bankrupt and has no business being in the business of trying to lead anyone anywhere for anything:

Anne Alt - Open Streets 2012

Anne Alt – Open Streets 2012

Fixing a flat on a wheel with an internal hub
Posted by Jamais716 on May 21, 2013 at 10:38am

First flat on my commuter with an internal hub and of course it’s on the rear wheel. Does removing the wheel work the same as a regular wheel? Any tips and tricks I should know? Thanks!

Now the point here is that this is a straightforward request. You know how this goes. I need help. Ok. Give me more details and I’ll see what I can do. There is nothing and I repeat nothing about this original posting that warrants anything but a straightforward response. But you can be certain that the Chosen People of Cycling have intention of letting something as straightforward as this go unpunished:

Reply by Will G – 10mi 23 hours ago
Works like any other rear wheel. Take it off, replace tube, put it back on.

Snarky is what we here at the ChainLink are all about.

Reply by S 23 hours ago
I think the IGH is a bit more complicated since there’s a shift cable attached and possibly a brake cable. What model do you have? Someone on the list might be able give you more detailed info with this information.

Reply by notoriousDUG 22 hours ago
You should probably stop giving mechanical advice…
It really depends on the specific hub you have but there will be some extra steps.
Rotary shift hubs will require disconnecting the cable from the hub but they will maintain adjustment. If you have not done it before it can be tricky.
Shimano 3spd hubs you just remove the indicator body from the hub and be careful not to loose the shift rod. They also hold adjustment.
Sturmey 3 and 5 speeds that use an indicator chain you have to unhook the cable from the indicator chain to remove the hub. When you hook it all back up you will have to readjust the cable tension for it to shift properly; failure to get it right can damage the hub.

notoriousDUG (who is generally a curmudgeon) has it right this time. There should not have been any advice given if you really have no expertise. But it gets worse folks…

Reply by Will G – 10mi 22 hours ago
So you don’t take the wheel off, replace the tube, and then put the wheel back on?
That was a joke DUG, chill out Mr Huffypants.

Reply by Tony Adams 6.6 mi 22 hours ago
Also, and perhaps you already ruled this out, but in a lot of cases if one can find the source of puncture on the tire the tube can be patched while leaving the wheel on the bike. If there is a nail or a big piece of glass sticking out of your tire, that is probably where your leak is. Or if the tire is on the new side, the glass or other object may be gone but you might have one obvious place on the tire where an object had recently pierced the tire. Your leak may be there. Unmount the tire, pull out the suspect area of the tube, inflate, inspect and patch.
2. The PITA nature of rear tire repair with a > 2 speed internal geared hub plus coaster brake is why I’m currently riding fixed and my next build is a 2 speed project.

Reply by Lisa Curcio 4.0 mi 21 hours ago
My first flat ever was, of course, on the rear with the 8-speed Shimano internal gear hub. I walked it over to the LBS. The guy who fixed it was relatively new to internal hubs and had to keep asking the more experienced guy how to disconnect and reconnect. I replaced the perfectly good tire with a Schwalbe Marathon Plus. Next time it might not be so convenient to get to a LBS!

Lisa is an older woman who is returning to cycling after many years. She is just the type of person for whom the “Promised Land” of Protected Bike Lanes is being built. But the most people like her will ever be able to get from these jokers is “snarky” unless someone bothers to step in and offer real help.

Reply by Jamais716 20 hours ago
It’s a Jamis Commuter 4 –…. Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub with trigger shifters
It’s a slow leak with no obvious cause. I picked some tiny glass bits out of the tire but riding from the West side, I’m always picking out tiny glass bits. Thanks for all the info Doug! I think I’ll take it to open shop at West Town for some guidance so I don’t mess up the hub.

Reply by Luke Hannafin 20 hours ago
I have a Shimano 3 speed hub and I was surprised that it was as easy to do as I imagined. The only thing that threw me a little was shift rod that D.U.G. mentioned; I just didn’t expect to see it there. Except for one twist of a hex nut, though, it’s pretty much tantamount to fixing a single speed bike.

Reply by Dan Allison 14.5 mi 20 hours ago
one of my bikes has an alfine 8 IGH with disc brakes. removing the rear wheel is pretty simple. not as simple as a derailleur bike with QR, but still pretty simple:

  1. loosen the axle nuts with a 15mm wrench.
  2. stick a small allen wrench in the shift cable holder and pull back to release tension on the shift cable.
  3. pull the shift cable nut out of its socket.
  4. remove the wheel.

having the IGH married to disc brakes is pretty nice because IGH’s that use roller or drum brakes usually require additional steps to remove the wheel. reinstalling the wheel is a snap too because my IGH/disc brake set-up has vertical drop-outs (it uses an EBB for chain tension) so there’s nothing to readjust or realign.

A few others have come to the rescue of the original poster. But frankly all of this information should be EASILY and IMMEDIATELY available in a central area for the supposed 9,000+ members of this site. I am more than certain that the number is severely inflated by about 8,500 souls but there you have it. Why the heck are the supporters of this site asked to help generate $15K in donations when such basic information is LACKING?

Reply by notoriousDUG 1 hour ago
Ah, so somebody asked for real help with a complex issue and you made a joke of it.

Well there you have it folks. An example of the kind of “help” you can expect to get on the ChainLink Forum which thinks of itself as a premier site. And of course the membership is certain it is among the elite in cycling.

Reply by Anne Alt 53 minutes ago
Thanks! Does any have additional trips for an 8 speed IGH (Sturmey Archer) with drum brake?

Reply by Anne Alt 52 minutes ago
Dug – Thank you for your continued mechanical advice. Much appreciated.

Yep. Thanks DUG maybe they should share some of that $15K to get you to write that section I just mentioned. Otherwise what the heck is the money really for?