What Can We Do To Close The ‘Gender Gap’ In Cycling?

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Just to show how clueless most bicycle advocacy groups really are the League of American Bicyclists had a symposium in which they dealt with the question of “What Are the Best Ways to Attract More Women to Biking?“. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that the kind of women we want to attract are serious professional women and stay at home moms and grandmothers too.

So we have the Women’s Bike Advisory Board gather in NYC and pontificate:

With so much energy around biking in the Bike Apple — and the imminent and exciting launch of the NYC Bike Share system — Velojoy.com hosted a dynamic panel at the annual Bike Expo New York this month addressing ways to involve women.

Moderated by Susi Wunsch, the founder of Velojoy and member of the Women Bike Advisory Board, the session crystallized some of the key hurdles and opportunities to get more women riding.

“In New York City, trips by male bicycle commuters outnumber those by women by 3-1,” Wunsch said in her opening, “but there’s real change on the horizon.”

The discussion provided an engaging glimpse of that promising future, capturing diverse experiences and perspectives on how to get more women riding, including (in the recap video above):

  • The story behind how and why Julie Hirschfeld opened Adeline Adeline, a women-friendly bike shop specifically oriented to commuter biking
  • Insight from Caroline Samponaro, director of campaigns and organizing at Transportation Alternatives, on the four ways to get more people on bikes — and how she took action to identify where women ride in greater numbers in NYC
  • Thoughts from Dani Simons, marketing director for the new Citi Bike, on what makes bike share systems particularly compelling to women

The panel also addressed head-on the most multi-faceted question of all: What are the best ways to attract more women to cycling (video above).

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So After All The Blather What’s Our Conclusion?

Why a naked bike ride of course!

Nothing brings mature, serious women into cycling faster than Protected Bike Lanes and watching fat guys ride around with their testicles hanging out. Go ChainLink Culture! You guys rock!

World Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride